CONG. RUSS Carnahan Campaigner Plays Anti-Catholic Race Card According to the Washington Examiner

By Jerry Berger
Berger's Beat
October 22, 2010

Scribe Mark Hemmingway takes Russ Carnahan to task in the Oct. 22 edition. He wrote of Carnahan, "He seems to be hitting the panic button. Carnahan's opponent, Ed Martin, has caught fire in fundraising and now has a larger campaign warchest heading into the final stretch." Hemingway then takes issue with a former Carnahan campaign worker, who has launched "an outrageous website smearing Carnahan's Catholic opponent as being part of the pedophilia scandal in the St. Louis Archdiocese."The claims supporting the accusation are "tendentious, unfair and baseless," wrote Hemingway. . ."The entire episode says a lot about a credulous local media that will reprint almost anything, no matter how irresponsible."

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