MO-03: GOP Hopeful Involved W/coverup for Pedophile Priests

By St Louis Woman
Daily Kos
October 23, 2010

Congressman Russ Carnahan is running for re-election in the 3rd Congressional District in St. Louis. Carnahan won a tough primary for this seat in 2004 after Dick Gephardt retired and now he is in a spirited re-election contest. He has been challenged by Republican Ed Martin who, as it turns out, is even more of a scum-bag than I first knew. Because, as it turns out, Martin stands accused of being involved with cover-ups for pedophile priests. It's not a pretty story.

Democrats haven't been complacent about Congressman Carnahan's campaign. He is a solid, very nice man. He's a smart man and very progressive. But he is not the most aggressive or dynamic candidate that you'll ever meet. By contrast his opponent Ed Martin is aggressive, energetic and engaging. These personality differences make some Democrats nervous about the race.

His engaging personality notwithstanding, Martin is a flawed candidate. Previously he worked as Chief of Staff to Governor Matt Blunt (son of Roy Blunt, Republican candidate for Senator against Russ Carnahan's sister Robin--yeah I know). As Blunt's chief of staff he became embroiled in a scandal that came to be known as Memo-Gate

'Memogate' was centered around a series of emails deleted from state government servers. Scott Eckersley, a former attorney for the governor, said he was fired after raising concerns about whether Blunt's office was properly applying the Sunshine Law to e-mails. Martin is tied in for his alleged role in covering up the real reason for the firing.

Ed Martin's shenanigans cost Missouri taxpayers dearly--the state eventually paid $2 million to settle a law-suit brought by whistle-blower Scott Eckersley. Even if this hadn't happened, Martin would be bad. He favors privatization of Social Security, wants to repeal Health Care Reform, is opposed to Cap and Trade. You get the picture.

This week a very new, very disturbing charge was made against Martin by Michael Corwin and Jeannine Dillon. Corwin and Dillon are investigave journalists who have collaberated before. Previously, Dillon and Corwin's combined efforts led to an Edward R. Murrow Award-winning national investigative news report aired by Dateline NBC entitled "Mystery on Highway 47". In recent days, they released this web-site--The Real Ed Martin

Corwin explains that he was hired by a media company earlier this year to perform opposition research against Ed Martin on behalf of the Carnahan campaign. In his research he discovered what he called a 'nexus' between Ed Martin's employment history and the St. Louis Archdiocese record of moving and protecting pedophile priests. When presented with this information the Carnahan campaign elected not to 'go down that road' fearing that the 3rd district's very large Catholic population would resent Carnahan for campaigning on this topic. Corwin then decided to resign from the Carnahan campaign account and pursue the story on his own.

Their web-site The Real Ed Martin makes a compelling case that, at a minimum Martin, owes the people of St. Louis some answers

This is not a smear campaign against Candidate Ed Martin. It is a three-month investigation revealing important, relevant, and previously unreported facts that raise serious concerns about Candidate Martin's integrity, judgment, and ability to serve the public as a United States Congressman. The investigation focuses on the role Candidate Martin played as a member of the St. Louis Archdiocesan Curia, the policy it had of moving accused and convicted pedophile priests from parish to parish, and the trail of molested children left behind.

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