Is the Next Facebook?

The I-Newswire
October 25, 2010

On the surface the parallels are very similar. Pimp is a website that allows exploited church members and congregation to report abusive Pastors. Since the launch of the site two months ago has witnessed traffic numbers unheard of for a new website, this unless you're referring to Facebook.

Pimp started in the same fashion as Facebook but with far less start up capital. One of the keys to success for the site has been their ingenious system that allows abused church members to anonymously report abusive Pastors. The site experienced record numbers during the Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal in which followers of the scandal relied on Pimp for accurate news coverage.

The site latest page "Preachers Gone Wild" is a collection of mug shots and videos of Pastors arrested for and array of charges. In one day the website experienced 22,000 unique visitors (first time visitors to the site) which prompted a call from their hosting company requesting that site owners increase their bandwidth. A spokesperson for Pimp says that they were totally caught of guard by the huge number of unique visitors but now they have the necessary capacity to handle over 100,000 simultaneous visitors.

"I am not sure if we are the next Facebook, but we definitely have the opportunity to shake up the evangelical community. We are in fact the only site dedicated to Pastor, Preacher, and Priest accountability and the empowerment of individual congregations. Our appeal has been to the Body of Christ as a whole and not a particular denomination." is actually categorized as a social networking site because of its ability to connect members via one central location. The site owner says that they have no need at this time to require the visitors to join the site after learning from all of the privacy concerns surrounding Facebook. There are plans to take public in the first quarter of 2011 but the details have yet to be announced.

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