Salesian Obituary. Soul Ripping Statistics. Perpetrator Nuns, Plus Jokes, Emails to City of Angels Blog

By Kay Ebeling with Joey Piscitelli
City of Angels
October 26, 2010

(In this post at CofA: Reader from Michigan responds to recent data collected on pedophile priests in Chicago, another reader requests help locating nuns who molested him at an upstate New York orphanage, and two more send jokes. First, Bernard Dabbene, pedophile priest, died last month, and the obit we are running here at City of Angels Blog has a bit more detail than the < href="">mainstream media obit run at SFGate* which drones about his "Years of Salesian priestly ministry in several Salesian high schools in northern and southern California" but does not mention Dabbene's convictions and crimes. Joey Piscitelli sends this obituary:)

Notorious convicted molester Fr. Bernard Dabbene, one of the many San Francisco world record holder Salesian child serial sexual abusers, died September 9, 2010, in San Francisco at the age of 73. His childhood years were spent in North Beach, the home of several Salesian child violators, in the Shadow of St. Peter and Paul's, where many of his predator clergy friends nested. His years of priestly ministry were spent in several schools run by the Salesian Religious Order, with accusations of molestation against Dabbene dating back to the early 1960s.

Dabbene has been disgraced by lawsuits and accusations and police reports, and he takes this history with him to the other world. His most notable experience was when he was caught red handed by the SF Police molesting an under aged boy in a car in San Francisco, and he was convicted of abuse. This occurred while Dabbene was the top liaison priest for the west coast, given that position by famous child abuser promoter Cardinal William Levada, who knew at the time that Fr. Dabbene had previous accusations of molestation against him.

Dabbenne was scheduled to be buried at the Salesian Cemetery in Richmond, next to Salesian School, where several underaged kids were violated by a record number of Salesian predators.

My worst memory of Dabbene was when he was Principal at the same Salesian school in Richmond in the 1970s where I was sexually abused by the Vice Principal. Dabbene threatened to kick me out of the school, at the time I was molested, if I did not keep quiet about the sex abuse. I have never received an apology from this predator, and I do not know any victims of his to whom he has apologized.

Now that Dabbenne has passed on, I can only wonder what his God thinks of him.

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