Quotes from Chapter 19

By Aoife Carr
Irish Times
December 17, 2010

The following are quotes from Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report dealing with former priest Tony Walsh

“Fr Tony Walsh is probably the most notorious child sexual abuser to have come to the attention of the Commission… His pattern of behaviour is such that it is likely that he has abused hundreds of children.” - Introduction to Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report

“Tony Walsh is extremely compulsive – there have been an awful lot of children involved. He is a very disturbed man. He is always going to be dangerous. He could not be let near schools, children, Confession without a grille…” - Psychiatrist who treated Tony Walsh in Stroud in the UK in 1988

“I hate myself because of the hurt I have given to others but I also love myself. I know I have done more good in my 10 years of priesthood than bad.” - Tony Walsh in a statement to Monsignor Alex Stenson, then chancellor of the archdiocese, in 1988

“Bishop Eamonn Walsh made the outrageous suggestion that the Archbishop should inform the civil authorities about Fr Walsh’s homosexual orientation.” - Monsignor Gerard Sheehy about a bishops’ meeting in 1990 concerning Tony Walsh

Bishop Eamonn Walsh told the Commission that his concern related to Tony Walsh’s paedophile orientation and not his sexuality in general - Page 265 of Murphy Report

“Apparently [a garda] from Whitehall Garda station had been looking for a Fr Walsh with an address at Mellifont. Walsh had approached a child and the mother had complained to the police… I rang [the garda] and explained who I was and what I had heard. I asked if he could provide details. He did but wondered if Walsh had a record. I evaded that but told him to proceed with whatever steps he thought he should take.” - Mgr Alex Stenson in 1991

“I will continue to fight. I intend doing this because I believe that it is the Archbishop of Dublin and Alex Stenson versus Walsh and God and who can fight against God?” - Tony Walsh in evidence to the Church penal process in 1992

“I think it important that every one of us should at this stage avoid any excessive reaction – no matter what the civil law may say. Least of all should we pay any real attention to the money-making posturing of the media” - Mgr Alex Stenson to Archbishop Connell in 1995

“The Archbishop humbly begs the Holy Father graciously to grant him this favour in the interest of the well-being of the Church” - Archbishop Desmond Connell to Pope John Paul II in November 1995

“As in other cases, it is notable how charitable the parents who complained were. It is abundantly clear that they simply wanted to ensure that other children were not abused” - Conclusion to Chapter 19 of the report


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