Statement of the Archdiocese Regarding Fr. Martin O'loghlen

The Tidings
February 17, 2011

On Feb. 10, a New York Times reporter called the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to inquire about the ministerial status of Father Martin P. O'Loghlen, a religious order priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary.

In consulting Archdiocesan records, the Archdiocese found a statement dated March 24, 2009 and signed by his Provincial Superior requesting that Father O'Loghlen be granted priestly faculties in the Archdiocese. Among the assurances made by the Provincial in the statement were that Father O'Loghlen "manifested no behavioral problems in the past that would indicate that he might deal with minors in an inappropriate manner"; and, that Father O'Loghlen had "never been involved in an incident or exhibited behavior which called into question his fitness or suitability for priestly ministry due to alcohol, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, financial irregularities, or other causes."

Based on the Provincial Superior's statement, the Archdiocese granted priestly faculties to Father O'Loghlen on July 17, 2009, assigning him as a resident at Holy Name of Mary Church in San Dimas.

Apparently, the Archdiocese's Vicar for Clergy's Office did not fully consult other Archdiocesan records of Father O'Loghlen's previous assignments in the Archdiocese which would have indicated that he admitted to having had a sexual relationship with a female minor in the 1960s.

In keeping with the Archdiocese's zero tolerance policy in effect since 2002 barring from ministry any priest found to have abused minors, the Archdiocese, on Feb. 10, revoked Father O'Loghlen's priestly faculties, which were granted in error in 2009. The Archdiocese also instructed his Provincial Superior to remove him from the Archdiocese immediately.

On Feb. 11, Cardinal Roger Mahony accepted the resignation of the Archdiocesan Vicar for Clergy, Msgr. Michael Meyers.

"The protection of our children is our first priority," said Cardinal Mahony. "The failure to fully check records before granting priestly faculties is a violation of Archdiocesan policy. We owe it to victims and to all our faithful to make absolutely certain that all of our child protection policies and procedures are scrupulously followed."

Cardinal Mahony also ordered an immediate review of all priestly faculties granted since 2002, to verify that no similar errors have been made.

The Archdiocese has received no complaints concerning Father O'Loghlen during his assignment at Holy Name of Mary Church. Nevertheless, announcements concerning this matter will be made in the parish and school, urging anyone with information about possible misconduct to come forward to civil authorities and the Archdiocese.


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