Pastor Dr Albert Odulele of Glory House Homosexual Offences: the Full Story So Far...

By Victory Oyeleke
Sunday Tribune
April 3, 2011

WITH 1007 Facebook supporters declaring their loyalty to Pastor (Dr) Albert Odulele, the founder and head of Glory House after he was charged with indecent assault on a child under 16 and sexually assaulting a 21 year old man, it is obvious that Odulele is a good man with good intentions but who could not rise above temptations. His charisma, eloquence and generosity endeared many to him and he was fondly regarded to as " a father figure and guiding light"

His ability as a profound public speaker was first spotted by his father, a civil servant in Nigeria, during a school activity however; Albert Odulele did not pursue that line but rather studied medicine at Ogun State university. After gaining his full qualification, he relocated to the UK where he practised for a while before deciding to become a pastor and he touched the lives of many worldwide through his pastoral work. Glory House International has branches throughout UK, with international branches in Nigeria and Brazil. The church has an annual turnover of Ј2 million while Pastor Odulele takes home Ј100,000.00. So great were his abilities that he sat on the board of several non-profit and profit making organisations both in the UK, USA and Africa. His church, a registered charity of 18 years helps feed, clothe and educate the poor and terminally ill.

The Doctor, preacher, author, teacher and mentor was the embodiment of Christianity or so we thought until he was arrested last summer by the Metropolitan Police's Major Child Abuse Investigation Unit on two counts charge of sexual assault. Initially, Albert Odulele denied any wrongdoing but later confessed and told police that he had been battling with his sexuality for years but denied that the offences were premeditated. He entered the guilty plea at Bexley Magistrates court in South East London on March 3rd 2011 and was committed for sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court on the 31st March 2011.

The session was meant to commence by 11.30am but didn't start till after 2pm. The waiting area was packed with Odulele's supporters many of whom were examining the case whilst others were praying. Prosecutor Tom Nicholson narrated to the court how Odulele molested both victims.

In 2004, during one of his travels, which is normally done with a large entourage of security and pastors, while sharing a bed with his victim and another man, at the Dartford Bridge Hilton, the victim woke up in the middle of the night because he felt a hand caressing his inner thigh which he shoved aside thinking it was just a stray hand but the hand kept at it and on moving the sheets, he discovered the hand belonged to Dr Albert who was fully aware of what he was doing. The young pastor then 21 years old said nothing and left the next morning.

The time line of when he molested his second victim cannot be accurately calculated but should have been between 14 and 16 years old. According to the child's report, the attack occurred when Dr Albert's wife Abosede Odulele was pregnant with their second child Tiana which should be around 2003. The boy who looked up to Dr Albert Odulele as a father figure was no stranger to the Odulele's home in Kent. The day the attack took place, the boy was watching TV while Odulele was working on his laptop and fell asleep on the floor but woke up to the feeling of a hand in his underwear caressing his inner thighs which gradually moved up to his penis almost masturbating him. According to the boy, he did not know what to do and was too scared to move. The next morning, the pastor said nothing to him and the boy said nothing to anyone. However, his behaviour changed and he lost interest in his academic work which got his mother very worried. After pressuring him to tell her what was bothering him, the boy finally opened up to his mother. Odulele was confronted and broke down at the boy's home in tears on bended kneels pleading for forgiveness without actually admitting to his guilt. In a bid to keep it in the house, several pastors and even a bishop intervened but to no avail.

The defence opened by highlighting Dr Albert's contribution to his community and how he gives half of his earnings to charity. Stressing that he has a clean record as he has not offended before and was seeking a lesser sentence of time spent which the presiding judge refused and handed a custodial sentence of 8 months and 6 months for both offences to run concurrently. He is to spend one third of the sentence in prison before he can be released on a license and his name will be entered into the sex offenders register for five years. The judge called his actions a crime of opportunity. Addressing Dr Albert, the judge highlighted fact that he betrayed the trust of those that came to him for counsel and comfort and that he is an intelligent man who knew what he was doing was wrong and stated that, although you are sorry for what you have done, it would have been better if you admitted to it initially.

As the judge spoke, the room was so quiet you could hear people's heart beating. The lady seated beside me held my hands as tears ran down her cheeks. Odulele's elder brother was trying hard to hold back his tears while others sat motionless. Though Odulele would pay for his actions for the rest of his life, the victims will also pay for his indiscretions.

Following this case opened my eyes to the hypocrisy within Christianity. There are loads of forums on the internet discussing this issue and majority of it is about praying for Pastor Albert Odulele, the perpetrator. One of his Facebook supporters even likened this case to that of Paul and Silas in the Bible though I see no connection. The victims in this case have not been given as much support as the perpetrator. People are refusing to give their candid opinion because the perpetrator is a man of God. This kind of attitude is why most victims remain silent and never get the help they need. According to report, Odulele's victims were 8 but they refused to make any statement to the police. Matthew Chapter 7 verses 1 to 5, are very popular among Christians however, standing up for what is right is not the same as judging. Anyone could fall victim of this crime. It could have been you, or your child, sister, brother, father or mother.

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