Lawsuit against Vatican for Covering up for Pedophile Priest

By Judith Ruiz-Branch
WGN News
May 11, 2011,0,339656.story

[the lawsuit]

A lawsuit is being brought against the Vatican claiming he covered up for a priest who was molesting children.

Daniel McCormack pleaded guilty to abusing five boys in July of 2007.

He served two and a half years in prison, but the state has kept him in custody as a sexually violent predator.

A lawsuit is being brought on behalf of the mother of one of the molested children.

The lawsuit says McCormack raised money for the Vatican even though church officials knew he was molesting children.

Lawyers bringing the lawsuit say they believe the Vatican has blocked efforts by the Archdiocese of Chicago to comply with the 2008 settlement reached between family of a young sex abuse victim and the Archdiocese.

Plaintiff Attorney Jeff Anderson said all the files of all the offenders was suppose to have been disclosed but at this point, that has yet to happen.

"It's at our great sadness and sorrow that they did not come to past and it's with great sadness and sorrow that we're taking this action today," he said.

Anderson said the archdiocese hasn't held up their part of the bargain.

It's been four years since they reached a settlement in the Father McCormack case.

He was convicted of abusing five boys when he was the pastor of St. Agatha Church on the West Side.

McCormack is no longer a priest and has been accused by some of molesting up to 23 boys.

Prosecutors are currently reviewing several of the alleged cases and McCormack could be looking at more time behind bars.

He has already completed two and half years of a five year sentence.

Francis Cardinal George has been widely criticized for his handling of the case.

Critics say he was slow to remove McCormack even after a national conference of American Bishops promised to move swiftly to protect children.

"We have seven archdiocese here who all conspired and or permitted this to occur... all of whom have been promoted," Anderson said.

Despite the criticism the archdiocese has received, they say they refuse to comment pending litigation.


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