Alleged Inappropriate Conduct Stuns St. Raymond

Menlo Park Patch
June 2, 2011

Bishop William Justice will be delivering the sermons at St. Raymond in Menlo Park until further notice, after Father William Myers was suspended Friday for engaging in inappropriate behavior with a minor.

Hundreds of people gathered at the parish Wednesday night to hear the reasons why Myers would no longer lead the church.

Here’s what we know: On Friday, he was put on administrative leave after an anonymous person told the archdiocese about an incident on April 19 involving a 17-year old boy at the Ross Dress for Less store on 16th street in San Francisco, according to George Wesolek, communication director for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

San Francisco police say the boy’s father called them when the priest followed the boy into the dressing room. No physical contact occurred according to Sgt. Michael Andraychak. Because the incident involved a minor, information is limited.

Bishop Willam Justice said that no reports have been made about any other questionable incidents with children at the church or at the affiliated St. Raymond School.

Some parishioners are concerned about the reasons that Father Myers would be reassigned to their church, after leaving a church in Stockton. It is not clear why he left that parish. Father Myers has admitted to undergoing therapy while in Stockton for a self-described “sex addiction,” according to the Archdiocese spokesperson, who also said that they were not aware of it until now.

“My understanding is that the first time that sex addiction came up is the day after he was put on administrative leave," Wesolek said. “That’s the first time we had ever known about it," he added.

He said when Myers went to the Archdiocese to discuss the incident at Ross, that was when it was revealed “through the course of conversation.” Subsequently he went to the parish and said the same thing.

“It was his own revelation,” Wesolek said.

The church will be assigning an investigative board to decide how serious the matter is, as well as whether Myers will have a future career with the church. He may be asked to undergo intensive therapy or leave the ministry, Wesolek said.

Bishop William Justice is a graduate of St. Patrick Seminary in Menlo Park and will take Father Myers place at the 8th grade graduation service at St. Raymond School at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

People with information about abuse at the chuch can report it to Barbara Elordi, pastoral outreach coordinator for the Archdiocese of San Francisco. She can be reached by phone at 415-614-5506, or email at


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