SNAP Sounds Alert about Area Diocese

Marietta Times
July 19, 2011

Bishop Conlon recently quoted in the Steubenville Herald news: "My task as the bishop of Steubenville is to build up the church here, to help it be one, holy and Catholic and apostolic,"

But sadly Conlon did not feel that he had an even more important task, which he failed completely, "that of acknowledgment, accepting, listening to, reaching out, helping, and showing compassion for the victims who have been sexually abused by Steubenville diocese's clergy.

Sadly he out right refused to help several victims who needed therapy just to get through a day or to stay alive.

Sadly he ignores those victims who have tried to report their abuse to the diocese.

Sadly he ignores victims who have suffered so terribly by predator clergy, who are now dead and those who are still alive and still a danger to kids.

Sadly he refuses to acknowledge victims who have requested that he post the names of all credibly accused priests on the diocese web site, as so many other bishops have done.

Sadly his "child protection policy" for the diocese does not work, and no one is ever held accountable for committing child sex crimes or for covering up these crimes.

Sadly the victims of Gary Zalenski still do not know what the status is of his being defrocked.

Sadly Conlon has ignored victims' request to place this priest in a secure treatment center.

Sadly other clergy have been moved or on leave without letting parishioners know the reasons for their departure.

And now sadly Kurt Kemo, who was/is the official in charge of handling the sex abuse allegations ( or should I say did not handle them ) is now the head of the Steubenville diocese today.

Children are no safer today within this diocese.

Judy Jones

SNAP Midwest associate director

"Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests"


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