Priest from New Jersey " on Leave" Due to Report of Sexually Assaulting a Minor Now Residing in Manitowoc Wiscosnin

SNAP Wisconsin
October 16, 2011

The New Jersey Star Ledger is reporting that a priest from New Jersey who is "on leave" from the Byzantine Catholic Church is now living in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The priest, Glenn Davidowich was the founder and president of the Junior Pro Wrestling Association which produced and sold videos of teenage boys in sexually suggestive poses. While the company no longer sells videos the website remains active.

Davidowich is a priest of the Byzantine Catholic Church, which although independent of the Roman Catholic Church remains under the authority of the Pope. Davidowich belongs to the Passaic Eparchy, which is similar to a Roman Catholic diocese. The attorney for the eparchy has stated that a decision of whether to remove Davidowich from the priesthood can only be made by the church hierarchy in Rome.

In June the eparchy settled with a man for $200,000 who reported that Davidowich began sexually assaulting him when he was 15 years old. The abuse lasted for three years. The attorney for the victim, Mitch Garabedian stated that the priest used wrestling as a pretext to gain access to his victim. In addition to wrestling his victim Davidowich gave him massages, took him on trips, and at times straddled him with an erection.

The priest, Glenn Davidowich, is now residing in Manitowoc Wisconsin, where his neighbors are most likely unaware of the report of sexual assault that has been made against him. Davidowich is not listed on the state of Wisconsin's sex offender registry database. This case illustrates the need for the creation of a database in the state of Wisconsin which would list clergy, of all denominations, who have had a credible report of sexual assault made against them.

Wisconsin State Senator Peggy Krusick, and State Representative Time Carpenter have proposed such legislation in the past. We encourage legislators in Wisconsin to renew their efforts to create such a database. Parents need access to this information in order to better protect their children from sex offenders in their midst.

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