How FLDS Leaders Determined Who Was " Worthy" of Church

By Lindsay Whitehurst
Salt Lake Tribune
January 3, 2012

Up to 1,500 people were halfway cast out of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this weekend, told they were unworthy to attend church but that they could go to separate meetings at school houses to repent in an effort to become "worthy" again.Read the story here.Willie Jessop, former FLDS spokesman currently opposed to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, sent me a copy of a document he says Short Creek bishop Lyle Jeffs used to determine which FLDS members are "worthy."He says this list of questions was asked after the member had signed over everything they had to bishop Lyle Jeffs and agreed to new "covenants" including staying out of restaurants. (This along with no sex and getting rid of children's toys).He says the questions were asked as Lyle Jeffs (or one of a handful of other interviewers) held the member's hand to determine if they were speaking the truth.

Here's the text, the picture of the paper is attached above.

To Qualify for the Holy United Order Covenant1. Do you think only pure thoughts?2. Are your desires in pleasures of unrighteousness?3. Do you dwell in wickedness of evil dross of this generation?4. Is there in your heart the seeking for Babylon?5. Are you saying your prayers in all that you do?6. Are you dwelling in the spirit of your calling as an emissary ofGod?7. Have you received the gift of the witness of My approval in your marriage conduct?8. Are you abiding the law of purity and righteous obedience in My Holy Law?"Let all My people now be judged.""It's a betrayal of the members," Jessop said. In light of Warren Jeffs conviction on sexual assault of a child charges, "he privately betrayed every one of these questions on a gross moral level."Jessop said he got the document before he separated from Lyle and Warren's leadership nearly a year ago. He says Lyle left it on his copy machine.


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