Statement by Bishop Dunn Following the Sentencing of the Former Bishop of the Diocese

Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish
January 4, 2012,%202012%20-%20Press%20Release%20Final.pdf

[Déclarationde Mgr Dunn]

The trial of Bishop Raymond Lahey has concluded with his sentencing today. This entire matter has caused a great deal of hurt, disappointment and anger within and outisde of our Diocese.

Church leaders are called to provide good example and to show moral integrity in their lives. When they commit serious moral failures, this can have a significant impact on the faith community. This is especially so when it involves the crime of child pornograhy.

This Diocese is committed to establishing safe and supportive communities for our young people and vulnerable adults. Through the diocesean Responsible Ministry Protocol, the diocese continues to take steps to create a secure environment for all members of the church particuilarly with respect to young people.


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