Parishioners Seeking 'Justice for Bishop Finn'

By Robert Lowrey
St. Joe Channel
January 7, 2012

[with video]

KANSAS CITY -- "I implore the government not to take away our shepherd from us," said Theresa Lynn, a member of Justice for Bishop Finn.

This is a common message from those in support of Bishop Robert Finn.

The rally is part of Justice for Bishop Finn's goal of trying to prove Bishop Robert Finn's innocence. The organization is speaking out to government officials.

Bishop Robert Finn of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese is the highest ranking Catholic official to be held accountable for alleged misconduct.

He is charged with failing to report child abuse in Jackson County after Father Shawn Ratigan was arrested on charges of child pornography. Finn also worked out a deal with prosecutors in Clay County to avoid an indictment.

But some of his followers say the charges are unjust.

"This is not a cover-up," said Michael Quinlan, a lawyer from St. Louis. "And this is not a knowing endangerment of children. Was there a known victim of child sexual abuse? And the answer is no."

More than 40 people showed their support for the rally. While some argued against the prosecution's case, other's say the charges are politically motivated stating the Kansas City Star as the main culprit.

"You've got to know this story better than anyone else," urged Jack Kashil, one of the group's organizers. "You've got to convince your friends and your fellow parishioners not to believe what they read in that newspaper."

No matter what the argument may be, Justice for Bishop Finn is trying to get support and get the charges dropped.


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