Serial Child Predator May Be Paroled; SNAP Responds

By Barbara Dorris
January 30, 2012

The Alabama parole board tomorrow will consider paroling a serial child predator, Charles Donald Corley, who manipulated and assaulted children through both a Boy Scout troop and a Methodist church. The board should err on the side of the safety of kids and keep Corley behind bars.

It’s a simple choice really: does the state protect several vulnerable children or help one devious criminal? We urge the board to ask this simple question: Why take the risk?

Some may accuse us of being “vengeful.” We believe we are just being prudent. If a pickpocket gets out of prison and steals another wallet, that’s unfortunate but not tragic. Child sex crimes, however, are devastating. They leave decades of depression, anxiety, isolation, shame, confusion and self-blame in their wake. Why gamble that yet another innocent child be so severely damaged?

We are grateful to Jason Lee and others who have been so grievously hurt by Corley for doing all they can to safeguard the vulnerable from this proven predator. We hope the parole board will hear their pain and keep Corley away from children.








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