Lombardi Editorial: Credibility and Transparency

Vatican Radio
February 4, 2012

Credibility and transparency

In these years of heated debate and strong criticism towards the Holy See and the Church, it is absolutely necessary to remain firm, and – drawing inspiration from the Pope's following of the Gospel standards of truth and moral strength – to show a firm determination to continue to give a coherent witness to moral values. The matter is especially urgent in two fields that attract a great deal of public attention: the issue of the sexual abuse of children, and that of economic-financial transparency.

In the first sphere, the actions taken by the Pope, and the commitments developed in various local Churches that have been harshly tired by the scandal, have set in motion a series of initiatives: to listen to and help the victims of abuse, to examine the causes of abuse; and to raise awareness of, and work to prevent sexual abuse of children. By promoting these initiatives, it can be confidently said that we are heading in the right direction. The Conference being held this week at the Gregorian University of Rome – "Towards healing and renewal" – with the participation of over 100 episcopal conferences and 30 religious orders, and with the launch of an international centre that will continue its drive, is new proof of that. The Church intends to render justice to those harmed by abuse; to be itself renewed; and to be able to help a society and a world where sexual abuse is rampant, to effectively fight this scourge.

In the second sphere, the Holy See is working to insert its institutions into the international system of control over economic activity in the fight against money laundering, organised crime and terrorism. On several occasions the Vatican's financial institutions, in particular the Institute for Works of Religion, have been accused unjustly: recently in the United States, a legal case against the Institute for Works of Religion—the third in three years—was dismissed due to its total groundlessness. And now, a series of new regulations will guarantee that activities carried out in the service of the Church are completely safe and transparent.

The road is a long and difficult one but the way is clear and the will to do what is right is assured. And the Church's witness to the Gospel will greatly benefit from it.


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