Financial Irregularities for a Priest in Andrews

By Anayeli Ruiz
Newswest 9
February 7, 2012

[with video]

ANDREWS- An Andrews priest is under the microscope and it all revolves around financial irregularities. The problems came to light after an audit was done in the parish.

Father Joey Faylona was the Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Andrews but now he's under the microscope. The parish was in the process of changing pastors and they did a financial audit for the parish.

This allows the outgoing pastor to review his overall performance in the parish during his tenure and gives the incoming pastor an in-depth look at the pastoral and financial state of the parish to which he is being assigned.

The audit by the Diocese turned up some financial irregularities. That's according to a letter that was sent to NewsWest 9 by the Bishop of the Diocese of San Angelo. The diocese found unauthorized financial advances in parish funds for personal expenses.

News of the father's financial troubles traveled fast around town.

"For something to be wrong, fund wise, it is shocking that a church could be in that kind of condition and the members don't know about it," Andrews Resident, Roy Mitchell, said.

"If the money is something he needed he should of turned to the congregation as a whole. Presented the problem and the issue, have a decision made about it instead of having it behind their back," Andrews Resident, Neliza Davis, said.

"You don't trust anybody and a church is somewhere you should be able to go to and feel comfortable and safe at any time," Andrews Resident, Genesse Quintero, said.

According to the Bishop, Father Joey Faylona has requested a spiritual time to deal with this and other issues rather than moving to another parish. He's also making arrangements to pay back the parish.

But despite this, some residents in Andrews still don't think that it's fair.

"It's still not right, two wrongs don't make a right," Andrews Resident, Lauren Tyler, said.

"I think he should go through the law or the courts. I don't think he should of done it," Andrews Resident, Maria Martinez, said.

The Bishop tells NewsWest 9 they are still reviewing the books and they expect to have a much clear picture in the coming weeks.


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