Remember the Abusers?

Rail Bender
February 13, 2012

Now that we've had a recent surge in political rhetoric regarding religious freedoms and morality, I think it's important to remind everyone exactly who it is that has been crying, "religious persecution". In no uncertain terms, those in the media, current politicians, and the general public need to remember that the people that continue to dictate what is, and what is not moral are in fact the ones that are sexual deviants - NOT the rest of us.

Religious leaders and religious apologists, particularly in the Catholic church, have been flexing their political muscle over the past 10 days or so, in a struggle against providing health insurance coverage for contraception. And of course they have plenty of conservative bedfellows, who aren't even Catholic themselves, that are willing to wage political warfare while they continue to NOT practice what they preach. Now I realize that I have a cynical worldview when it comes to both politics and religion, but what this collective group of misogynists is trying to do is beyond reprehensible.

Many women with much more eloquence than I have noted that these celibate men are forcing themselves on the reproductive rights of women. And sadly, thus far it seems they are getting much of what they want. I'm forced to wonder if medicinal science finally develops a reliable, sperm killing pill for men, will the Catholic church be equally outraged at the "killing" of potential, baby-making sperm cells? Somehow, I honestly doubt that the church will even bat an eye.

Couple this supposed outrage against the church's moral direction with the constant barrage of new indictments against sexually deviant Catholic priests, and you have the perfect example of dissociative identity. On one hand you have a set of priests lecturing their congregation on the sins of contraception; and on the other, a set of priests with such criminal arrogance that they willfully and repeatedly ignore our country's rule of law. Even today, MSNBC reports that some 200 priests are suspected of sexual abuse of CHILDREN. And why aren't these sexual deviants being prosecuted to the full extent of the law?

Well, I think that's a very good question. As a matter of fact, since this is an election year, I think this is the perfect year to start asking why the hell these wretched men aren't being charged as sexual predators.

The evidence is clear, and it's high time we as human beings take responsibility for the protection of our children and finally address the growing cancer in our global society. Most, if not all, religious leaders are monsters dressed in a fraudulent veil of eternal salvation; and they no longer deserve the luxury of wholesale exclusion from criminal prosecution by our state or federal government.

Our children deserve better.








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