Catholic Blog Releases Archdiocese List of Priests Alleged of Misconduct

By James Myers
The Patch
March 23, 2012

With recent reports of priests who once served in the Norristown area being relieved of duty – Father Louis Bier, former pastor of St. Patrick's Church, who was removed from his new post in Springfield and Father Richard Powers, a retired priest who served at St. Patrick's over four decades ago, who was suspended in retirement – area Catholics are searching for answers from the Archdiocese. According to a Catholic blog, area faithful may have more unpleasant news in store for them., a blog forum for Catholics to share their concerns and questions regarding Church accountability, recently made a post titled, "The List Cardinal Bevilacqua Didn’t Want You to See."

In it, they share what they claim is the “list of priests who have been guilty or accused of sexual misconduct with a minor according to the file material” that was reportedly attached to a memo from Msgr. William J. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy back in February of '94 – a list the blog claims Cardinal Bevilacqua ordered to be shredded. Several of the priests listed were stationed in Norristown and the surrounding areas at some point.

From Catholics4Change:

"The leadership involved certainly put the secret in secretariat and endangered countless children over decades. Our children. Mine and yours. Please don’t let this go unchallenged. It’s up to the courts and lay Catholics now. No more empty promises of accountability. Insist that the archdiocese acts on all the recommendations of the 2011 Grand Jury report."

Here's the list as it appears on the blog:



Diagnosed Pedophile

Reverend James J. Bryski (1977) Exit in 1985 – Activity occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend Nicholas V. Cudemo (1963) Restricted faculties/living with relatives.

Reverend Peter J. Dunne (1954) No official assignment. – Activity occurred more than five years ago. Encouraged to seek laicization. No response to the request for laicization at this time. Living on his own in his private residence.

(Editor’s note: Peter Dunne was finally exposed in the 2005 Grand Jury Report. Good thing, too. My family had no idea there was an issue.)

Guilty of Sexual Misconduct with Minors

Reverend Edward V. Avery (1970), Chaplain, Nazareth Hospital/ Resident St. Jerome. Sexual relationship with same minor three times. Action occurred more than five years ago. (Editor’s note: as if it might clear up over time – like a rash).

Reverend Pasquale R. Catullo (1963), Pastor Annunciation B.V.M. Sexual relationship with highs school junior (1968-69). Self reported. No complaint issued. Requested transfer.

Reverend James M. Dux (1948) Associate Pastor, Saint John the Baptist. Diagnosed in 1965 as sexually deviated and this problem is deep-rooted and of chronic duration. Sexual advances (kissing) teenage boys reported. Pornography. Action occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend Francis J. Gallagher (1973) Associate Pastor, Immaculate Conception, Jenkintown. Alcoholism and solicitation of adult males. In psychological evaluation. Self-disclosure of mutual masturbation with two adolescent boys with whose family Father had a personal friendship. No complaints ever filed.

Reverend Joseph Gausch (1945) Retired. Living in Cape May, NJ. Sexual activity with young men. Actions occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend Richard Jones (1963) Inactive. Encouraged to seek laicization. Living in Florida. Files indicate actions with one minor (17 years of age) and adult males. Actions occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend Raymond O. Leneweaver (1962) Exit in 1980. In 1968 admitted sexual acts with high school boys. Actions occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend John J. Murray (1947) Retired. In 1992, fondled a teenage girl while under the influence of alcohol.

Msgr. Richard T. Powers (1963) Pastor, Incarnation of Our Lord. Had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl in Caracas, Venezuela while with the Society of St. James. Action occurred more than five years ago. (Editor’s note: just removed from ministry).

Reverend Martin J. Satchell (1963) Health leave, Villa St. John Vianney, Downingtown. Self-reported sexual contact with teenage boys.

Reverend Charles Siegle (1953) Deceased. Sexual contact with boys. Actions occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend Aloysius H. Vath (1940) Deceased. Sexual acts with young boys over a period of 18 years. Actions occurred more than five years ago.

Reverend Thomas J. Wisniewski (1974) Staff, Tribunal, Resident, St. Justin, Narberth. Sexual contact with a teenage boy over the period of three years (1984-1987)

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors with no Conclusive Evidence

(Editor’s Note: Conclusive evidence eventually surfaced regarding many of the below)

Reverend Michael C. Bolesta (1989) Associate Pastor, St. Agatha/St. James

Reverend Robert L. Brennan (1964) Associate Pastor, Resurrection of Our Lord

Reverend Raymond Cahill (1947) Deceased

Reverend John A. Cannon (1948) Chaplain, St. Joseph Home, Holland

Reverend Richard D. Dolan (1962) Exit

Reverend John C. Dougherty (1945) Associate Pastor, St. Bartholomew

Reverend Stanley M. Gana (1970) Pastor, Our Mother of Sorrows, Bridgeport

Msgr. John E. Gillespie (1953) Pastor, Our Lady of Calvary

Reverend James T. Henry (1964) Associate Pastor, St. Patrick, Norristown

Reverend Dexter A. Lanctot (1976) Faculties Restricted, resident, St. Catherine of Siena, Horsham

Reverend Joseph F. McCafferty (1961) Chaplain, St. Mary’s Manor, Lansdale

Reverend James J. McGinnia (1978) Associate Pastor, St. Joseph, Collingdale

Reverend James E. McGuire (1970) Associate Pastor, St. Ignatius, Yardley

Reverend Richard J. McLoughlin (1969) Associate Pastor, St. Bede Parish, Holland

Reverend Joseph M. McKenzi (1951) Deceased

Reverend John H. Mulholland (1965) Associate Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi, Norristown

Reverend John D. Reardon (1973) Resident, Presentation B.V.M., Wynnewood

Msgr. Charles J. Schaeflein (1949) Chaplain, Mount Nazareth

Reverend David C. Sicoli (1975) Pastor, Our Lady of Hope

Reverend Joseph W. Thomas (1955) Resident, Archdiocese of San Francisco

Reverend Francis X. Trauger (1972) Associate Pastor, St. Michael the Archangel, Levittown.








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