SNAP Blasts Retired Cardinal for Avoiding Trial

By David Clohessy
SNAP Blasts Retired Cardinal for Avoiding Trial
April 17, 2012

Cardinal Roger Mahony and his former second-in-command are refusing to show up for a clergy sex abuse and cover up trial happening now in Stockton.

Mahony and his former vicar general, now-retired Msgr. James Cain, have been subpoenaed to appear as witnesses in a civil trial. Mahony now claims he's traveling to Rome. Cain was to appear last week, but for eight weeks, he has refused (and is still refusing) to produce a doctor's note excusing him.

Mahony was Bishop of Stockton from 1980-1985. Cain was likely Mahony's right hand man there for at least five years.

Late yesterday, Manly filed an order to show cause as to why Mahony shouldn't be found in contempt.

The child molesting cleric in the case, Fr. Michael Kelly, has fled to his native Ireland, even though there's a pending criminal investigation into his alleged abuse of another boy.

Bishops and their massive public relations staff work overtime to convince us that "things are different" now in clergy sex abuse and cover up cases. But time and time again, their actions prove otherwise.

Mahony is retired. So is Cain. Their subpoenas and this trial didn't suddenly spring out of nowhere, catching them off-guard. They've had months to change schedules so they could help the justice system resolve this case. But both of them know how damaging it usually is for church officials to face tough questions under oath in open court. That's the real reason they aren't appearing.

Cain was in Stockton before Mahony (and was in charge of the diocese during the interim).,6203883


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