CATHOLIC Priest Admits Secret Marriage

7 News
May 1, 2012

[with video]

A Catholic priest from Glenmore Park claims many priests lead a double life as he revealed his own clandestine marriage, a 7News exclusive has exposed.

Father Kevin Lee, a priest for 20 years, has admitted to 7News that he has found love and wedded.

In a controversial claim, Lee says that many Catholic priests pursue relationships and argues compulsory celibacy within the faith should be reconsidered.

"I've fallen in love and I've got married and it's outside of most people's awareness,"

"But I'm sure people within the church could have had a suspicion." Lee told 7News.

"I've been married for a year and I've just been going through the motions."

"I'm sure my family is going to be very deeply disappointed about these revelations." Lee continues

Lee claims that many priests are leading a double life, "That's one of the reasons that's motivated me to make public my admission, that I'm one of those people who's been a pretender,"

"To draw the attention of the public, that there are more like me, in fact most of them."

Speaking about how fellow priests will react to his revelations Lee says, "I feel sorry for them, I really do, but I think they need to admit they are not being led properly,"

"I think celibacy has to go." Lee proclaims.

He says that he made little effort to hide his relationship, but claims the hierarchy chose to turn a blind eye.

According to 7News Lee was suspended in 2002 for taking part in a reality radio competition, and repeatedly warned not to speak out to media.

Lee is said to be writing a book about what he believes is the wider wrongdoing of fellow priests.








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