NY Times Journalists Again Reveal Why They Are Obsessed with Catholic Church Sex Abuse

By Dave Pierre
Media Report
May 1, 2012

Maureen Dowd and Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times

The New York Times has shown yet again that the abuse of children does not really bother them unless it involves the Catholic Church. But if there were still any doubt, the Times has made it perfectly clear that the decades-old abuse of minors by Catholic priests is simply a rhetorical tool with which it can bludgeon the Catholic Church because it does not conform to its left-wing liking.

It was only a week ago when a New York Times editorial fretted about the Catholic Church's efforts to align the dissident leadership of a conference of left-wing nuns with Church doctrine, and the paper predictably used the scandals as a useful cudgel to promote "progressive" dissent.

Now Times' opinion writers Maureen Dowd and Nicholas D. Kristof have double-upped on the Grey Lady's predictable tactic with similar Church-bashing columns running just a week later in the same Sunday issue.

Maureen Dowd: Off the rails

Maureen Dowd's deep-seated animus towards the Catholic Church is nothing new. Yet one cannot help but wonder if she may have outdone herself this time.

Dowd smears the Church by claiming that leaders are "more offended by the nuns' impassioned advocacy for the poor than by priests' sordid pedophilia."

In fact, as we have repeatedly shown, the Catholic Church's efforts to establish safe environments for children are unprecedented anywhere.

In other words, Dowd resorts to false statements and bogus attacks again in her latest effort to attack the Church.

Nicholas D. Kristof looks to dissent

Kristof's attack is remarkably similar to Dowd's in its content, tone, and disregard for truthfulness.

Kristof falsely accuses the Church of claiming that nuns are "worrying too much about the poor and not enough about abortion and gay marriage."

After displaying an ignorance of basic knowledge of the Bible and Catholic teaching, Kristof then promotes the views of a number of angry Catholic dissidents.

These figures include Mary E. Hunt, whom Kristof merely identifies as a "Catholic theologian," but who openly cohabitates with her woman 'partner' and whose theology is barely distinguishable from some wacky brand of Universalist-Unitarianism.

Kristof then cites Sr. Joan Chittister, whose public work has been so problematic that she has actually been banned from even speaking in some dioceses.

An obsession and a delusion

The Times' obsession with the Catholic Church has clearly become pathological. It is unwavering in its ideological commitment to bludgeon the Church by any means necessary, and the principle means by which it does this is to endlessly rehash the sex abuse scandals.

Anti-Catholicism is indeed pervasive at the Grey Lady. The paper intensely dislikes the Catholic Church and what it represents. And it cannot countenance the fact that the Vatican is finally pushing back against openly dissenting individuals who have opposed the Church by speaking favorably on "progressive" issues with which the Times aligns itself.

Unfortunately for the Times, the ranks of "liberal" and "progressive" Catholics are now shrinking and increasingly geriatric. "Traditional Catholicism is Winning," despite what the Grey Lady wants you to believe.

The Times can get as huffy as it wants to, but it will simply get even more frustrated if it continues to think it will somehow bully the Catholic Church into changing its 2,000-year-old teachings.








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