Report Names Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse

By Amanda Macias
May 7, 2012

[with video]

JEFFERSON CITY - A 200-page case study revealing the names of eight Missouri children sexually molested by priests was released on Monday. Michael Wegs of the organization, Come to the Stable-The Stephens Spalding Foundation, held the news conference in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of the closing of St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory Seminary in Hannibal, Missouri.

According to Wegs, the seminary was closed in 2002 because of low attendance. Wegs said the low attendance was because there were numerous reports of priests molesting the students.

Wegs released the names of six priests he says sexually abused children. The names of the six priest revealed are: Rev. Frank D. Westoff, Rev. Robert G. Scobee, Rev. Sean Smythe, Rev. James J. Mohan, Msgr. Charles H. Patterson, Rev. David G. Buescher.

Only one of the six priests listed is alive. He currently lives in Jefferson City and no longer works for the Catholic Church.

Wegs said he was sexually attacked five different times throughout his stay at the St. Thomas Aquinas Prep. Seminary. One specific memory he recounts is when he was asked to masterbate in front of priest.

"It's not really a sin because it's what priests do to show you that they love you. And you know, even though it's a sin because that's what the Catholic Church teaches, it's different if you are a priest. They set up a whole culture of abuse," Wegs said.

Wegs is holding a round table discussion that is open to the public Monday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Page Library at Lincoln University in Jefferson City.


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