Ontario Priest Released from Jail - Victims Respond

By Joelle Casteix
May 10, 2012

Fr. Alejandro Castillo pled guilty to molesting a child. He served time in jail. He has been ordered by the court to be a registered sex offender. Despite that, San Bernardino Bishop Robert Barnes has done little to nothing to reach out to parishioners and other potential victims. Why do we know that? Because Castillo's supporters, many of whom raised money for his bail, threw the child-molesting priest a party upon his release.

This is troubling. By seeing Castillo celebrated by friends and supporters, other potential victims are scared into silence. Other children are put into direct risk of abuse by well-intentioned—yet misinformed—parishioners who do not understand Castillo's crimes and the threat he poses. They may have already helped Castillo violate the terms of his probation. They may have given Castillo access to more kids.

A very brave child came forward and ensured that Castillo went to jail. The boy's brother was also abused. There may be other victims who are now too ashamed to report because their friends and family members threw the predator a party.

We beg Bishop Barnes to immediately inform the public that Castillo is out of jail and that he is guilty of a horrible crime. Barnes must also inform Catholics and the public about Castillo's status as a priest and if he has not already, immediately begin the process of officially removing Castillo from the priesthood. He must also visit every parish where Castillo has worked and reach out to potential victims and help guide the members of his flock, who are scared and confused and supporting a sex offender over the children of the parish.

Finally we urge anyone who has been abused, or seen or witnessed abuse, to call law enforcement immediately.








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