Vatican Historian Alberto Melloni – Consider Reality Leaks Instead

By Joey Piscitelli
Joey Piscitelli
May 27, 2012

[with video]

It's absolutely no surprise that the Vatican is once again inundated with scandal and corruption, concerning the Popes new nightmare – the Vatican "leaks".

Yes, we all know about the proverbial mystery movie; and this time the butler really did it. Nice work, Paolo Gabriele. An oscar is forthcoming to your Vatican prison cell. I caution you to watch your back in Vatican prison; you know the stories about the prison showers – and also the "alleged" stories about the Catholic Clergy.

You're definitely in the wrong place, at the wrong time. In my defense for that last dubious remark- I'm only repeating information quoted in countless articles on Catholic clergy abuse in the last 10 years, by news reporters in virtually every country on this planet.

However, let me get to the real point. I was apparently on the brink of fainting today when I read the statement by Alberto Melloni, the Vatican historian that was quoted as saying this:

"Never has the sense of disorientation in the Catholic Church reached these levels. But now there is something more, a sense of systematic disorder".

Yes… he said that.

The educated, famous Vatican historian Alberto Melloni actually said that there has never been a sense of disorientation, and systematic disorder in the Catholic church such as there is now.

As a clergy abuse victim myself, I can't help but ask this uber-obvious question:

"Where the hell have you been for the last 20 years Melloni?"

On Mars?

What about the tens of thousands of clergy abuse victims who have been violated by the employees of the Vatican for several decades? That doesn't scream "systematic disorder" to you?

It doesn't bombard you with "a sense of disorientation" either?

So, apparently the genius historian doesn't think that the clergy abuse crisis was worse than the present embarrassing "leaks" in the Vatican.

Please don't pray for me for saying this, but I think that Alberto and the Popette should consider their "reality leaks" instead. My conclusion is that reality must have certainly leaked out of the Vatican some time ago; perhaps when the clergy abuse claims started carpet bombing the Vatican to a pulp nonstop 24/7 for at least the last 15 years.

To be more specific, this latest quoted opinion by the Pontiffs historian brings the word "disorientation" to a whole new level. I'm still wondering how Melloni weighed out the criteria for his analytical conclusion.

Did Melloni and the Pope call a special emergency meeting, and ask the panel of hierarchy to consider what is worse – raping and molesting countless innocent children, or the leaks of some documents by their butler?

The Cardinals must have all been given a special holy questionnaire to fill out; and all of them checked the box next to "Vatican leaks" instead of "Crimes against humanity."

So now it is official, the level of disorientation in the Catholic church has never been this bad, and just recently, they realized that there is a sense of systematic disorder.

But the Vatican doesn't end the revelation with that conclusion. They continue to rattle us with this news: "Mr. Gabriel could face a sentence of up to 30 years for illegal possession of Vatican documents."

Should I say "Thank God?"

I don't think so.

For several reasons. The most logical one is that the Vatican has never jailed any cardinals, bishops, or clergy rapists for the systematic destruction of countless kids; let alone throwing the Holy Book at them for 30 years.

What a hypocrisy. Massive child rape = 0 years for clergy.

Leaking papers = 30 years for butler.

Can anyone else see the reality leaking out of the Vatican now? Probably not. I think it clearly doesn't exist anymore.

Perhaps the ancient toxic fumes from all of the priceless oil paintings in the Vatican mansions have obliterated all of the Holy gray cells in the hierarchy; and we are seeing the long term result in the form of insane press release statements from the damaged catholic church historians such as Alberto Melloni.

It was just a matter of time, which was long overdue- before the antiquated patriarchy would implode; and it just needed a little nudge by the butler – and the absence of reality.


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