Diocese of Orange Settles Another Michael Harris Pedo-priest Case, This One for $2 Million

By Gustavo Arellano
Orange County Weekly
June 19, 2012

Just got word from John Manly, the badass attorney who has for the past decade exposed the Catholic Diocese of Orange for the pedo-protection racket that it is, that the trial he was all ready to start on today involving the notorious Michael Harris ain't going to trial anymore. That's because representatives for Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown approached him last night and offered to settle before the public embarrassment that would've been the man nicknamed "Mad Dog" grilling Harris, Brown, and all the other cretins in cassocks came to be.

Settlement amount? $2 million.

Harris, of course, was the former principal of Mater Dei and Santa Margarita high schools, a darling of the Republican Party, and a clinically diagnosed boy lover. Here's Manly's statement:

"Michael Harris was and remains a dangerous predator. Those in leadership at the Diocese during the Harris years especially Bishop [Norman[ McFarland and Mnsgr. John Urell both of whom were involved in concealing Harris crimes from his victims and law enforcement. Our client is a highly decorated combat pilot in the United States Air Force. He has received medals for bravery in combat and accolades for saving lives a protecting this county. However, the most courageous thing he ever did was admit his abuse as a boy and seek justice for those responsible. Today he is victorious and begins his journey of healing"

Manly figures that Harris has cost the Orange diocese about $50 million in known settlements at this point, roughly the cost of the Crystal Cathedral. Heckuva job, Brownie!








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