Day 11 without a Verdict As Rumors Abound about a Deadlocked Jury

By Ralph Cipriano
Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog
June 19, 2012

Moments before she sent the jury home for the day, Judge M. Teresa Sarmina held a closed-door conference with lawyers in the case. What they talked about is not known, because there's a continuing gag order that's been in effect since early last year that prevents lawyers in the case from talking to the media.

When the jury filed back into Courtroom 304 shortly after 4 p.m., they looked tired and frustrated. One jury member was seen rolling her eyes when the judge talked about returning Wednesday to resume deliberations for a 12th day, as in what's the use.

In the absence of any hard facts, a room full of reporters was left to subsist on persistent rumors of a deadlocked jury. Again, nobody in any official capacity, including the judge, the prosecutors, and the defense lawyers, had anything to say, but after 11 fruitless days of deliberation, it's a logical thought.

For the second consecutive day, the formerly inquisitive jury did not ask a single question, prompting more speculation that the jury has perhaps reached the point where they have exhausted seeking help from the judge through questions about the law and requests for more documents and trial transcripts.

Meanwhile, rumors percolated around the courtroom about the absence from the defense table of Allison S. Khaskelis, the youngest member of the team of lawyers representing Msgr. Lynn. Khaskelis was recently seen sporting a new diamond engagement ring, amid rumors that she was about to leave the country to elope. She was last seen at the courthouse bidding a tearful goodbye to Msgr. Lynn.


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