Stipulation of Testimony

By Robert W. Finn and Jean Peters Baker
Jackson County Circuit Court
September 6, 2012

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[See also the 5/19/10 memo to the diocese by Principal Julie Hess; the 5/19/11 Probable Cause Statement of Detective Maggie McGuire; the 8/31/11 Graves report; the complaints of Jane Doe 173, Jane Doe 49, and Jane Doe 186; the 8/9/11 indictment of Rev. Shawn Ratigan; the 10/14/11 indictment of Bishop Finn and the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph; and Bishop Finn's Terms of Probation.]

Robert W. Finn, and the State of Missouri, hereby stipulate that the following evidence would be adduced through witnesses who would be called to testify at trial:

1. The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph (hereafter Diocese) is a benevolent corporation organized under the laws of the State of Missouri. At all times relevant to this case it was a corporation in good standing with the State of Missouri. The headquarters for the Diocese has been located in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri at all times relevant to this case.

2. Robert Finn is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. In 2005, he became the Bishop of the Diocese and as such is the head priest and the head of the Diocese. Finn is the ultimate authority at the Diocese and all employees of the Diocese report to him. Finn is a mandated reporter.

3. Finn acknowledges that both the "Code of Ethical Standards for Priests, Pastoral Administrators, Deacons and Diocesan Officers" and the Diocesan "Policy regarding Sexual Misconduct" require that all church leaders follow proper reporting requirements of suspected abuse of children under Missouri law as well as reporting to the Vicar General and to the appropriate Diocesan office responsible for the ministry of the alleged abuser.

4. Robert Murphy is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church and an employee of the Diocese. In 2005, Robert Murphy was appointed by Finn to the position of Vicar General and given the title of Monsignor. Murphy is a mandated reporter.

5. On February 21, 2007, Finn drafted "Blessed Are the Pure in Heart - A Pastoral Letter on the Dignity of the Human Person and the Dangers of Pornography."

6. On August 21, 2008, Finn signed a Settlement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding. The Settlement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding includes Non-Monetary Commitments, including "the Diocese will continue to follow mandatory state reporting requirements in Virtus guidelines in reporting the suspected sexual abuse of minors to law enforcement to child protection authorities."

7. On May 19, 2010, Julie Hess, Principal of St. Patrick's School, drafted a memo to be presented to Murphy outlining concerns expressed by parents and staff of St. Patrick's School regarding "boundary issues" between Ratigan and children. Hess notified Murphy of her concerns because "[p]arents, staff members, and parishioners are discussing his actions and whether or not he may be a child molester.


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