Mt- Clergy Sex Victims Blast 'Deal' with Child Porn Priest

By Barbara Dorris
January 8, 2013

We are disappointed that the child porn charges against Fr. Rudy Bullman have been dropped. Fr. Bullman was caught with images of nude boys on his hand held game console and his personal computer. Children are safest when predators are behind bars. 

It is important to remember that children were hurt in the making of these photos. The word ‘porn’ does not accurately describe what has taken place. These are violent child sexual images and the children involved are the victims of a horrific crime.

We fear others have been hurt and are fearful to come forward. We would encourage anyone who has been harmed by Fr. Bullman to come forward, get help, begin healing and work with law enforcement.  Often there are people in the community who have seen or suspect Fr. Bullman’s misdeeds. No matter how old or insignificant the information may seem we hope they will contact law enforcement.

Time and time again, Catholic clergy sex offenders and their supervisors commit to but end up violating various restrictions. In fact, there’s a story today about one such recently-caught priest/offender in NH:

We fear this will happen again with Fr. Bullman.

It’s not too late, however, for anyone with knowledge or suspicions about Fr. Bullman’s crimes to step forward. He might be charged with other crimes or prosecuted in another county. Please, if you saw, suspected or suffered any misdeeds by Fr. Bullman, or any Montana cleric, we beg you to speak up, get help, expose wrongdoing, protect others and start healing.


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