My First Week To-do List for Francis I

By Joelle Casteix
Worthy Adversary
March 14, 2013

Iím not good at predictions. If I were, Iíd be in Vegas and this blog would be a money-generating machine. Despite this failing, Iíve been asked a lot by the media what I think of the new pope, his record, what I expect to see in the next few months.

So I made a ďto-do listĒ for the popeís first week. Then, if any of it comes true, itíll be like Christmas in March.

Pope Francis Iís to-do list:

Strip Cardinal Mahony of his title and force him to live a life of silence, poverty, prayer and penance in a mental health facility that treats victims of child sexual abuse,

Require Pope Emeritus Benedict to sit in a video recorded deposition and tell what he knows about child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church,

Mandate that bishops worldwide cease legal and verbal (that means you, Cardinal Dolan) battles with survivors and survivors groups,

Turn over all secret personal files globally to law enforcement and the media, and

Turn over to law enforcement all accused clerics currently in hiding in the Vatican and other countries.

Yep, I think that would be a great first week. And no, Iím not hopeful.

But a girl can dream, canít she?








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