Dreamworks Movie on Boston Pedophile Priests: Its Moral Message and Mission in Boston, in the USA and in the World

By Paris Arrow
Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils...
April 30, 2013


We propose that profits of hundreds of millions of dollars generated from this Dreamworks Boston movie to do the following charity works and mission in Boston, in the USA and around the world. If Dreamworks do not do these appropriate charities and mission, then Boston victims and all similar children are exploited again for a second time: the first time by Vatican Catholic Priests, the second by Dreamworks movie productions. But we know that Dreamworks is the antithesis of the Vatican.

A perpetual foundation of $500 Million Dollars (or more) in Boston



We propose that Dreamworks use its movie profits to set up – additional SNAP offices in poor Third World countries – in order to help children abused by pedophiles be it by priests or others in authority like their teachers and relatives. This movie will generate millions of dollars of profits in Third World countries and this SNAP office will be a way of saying thanks to them and to help back by protecting and saving their poor children - under the international SNAP headquarters in Boston.

We propose that the Boston museum will also have a private theatre for the permanent viewing of this movie every day – free of charge – and to invite all schools and the children to make annual and regular visits here.

We propose a part of the library to have a big cafe-lounge for victims where they can freely come and go to share their stories – in order to start a conversation among victims - and to use their personal stories and personal journeys -- to help raise awareness worldwide about the wiles of predators and help children all over the world smell predators. Every Boston victim of pedophile priests should be witnesses to the Vatican Deceits of the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Confession and Priesthood. This Boston Library will be a major resource center for the learning, healing, prevention and the stopping of pedophilia, pederasty and child rape, once and for all.

Architects, please email to us your plans – because we would like to contribute our visions inputs to the Boston monument and museum and Boston Library. We will also constantly update this post to give more of our ideas and suggestions for the monument, the museum and the library.

We propose that a permanent fund will also go to HELP VICTIMS of Boston Pedophile Priests – for their therapy, medical care, board and lodging for their apartments, funeral costs, et cetera especially to those most destitute ..….

We ask all movie goers to go watch this movie with a financial conscience and ask Dreamworks to do these charity works and mission proposed here so that victims are not exploited for a second time, the first time by Vatican Catholic Priests, and the second by Dreamworks Hollywood productions.

Dreamworks must not give “cheap change” or pennies to victims of pedophile priests and to the City of Boston.








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