Statement of Andrew Ward

Jeff Anderson and Associates
August 13, 2013

Deposition of Archbishop Myers Redacted

Deposition of Msgr Gerald Ward Redacted

Deposition of Archbishop Myers Redacted

Maloney timeline

My name is Andrew Ward and I was molested by Monsignor Maloney who was like a God to me when I was young. I couldn’t tell and didn’t for a long time, but when I did my parents and family believed me but nobody in the Diocese or at the church did. I made a report to the police, but they did not prosecute Monsignor Maloney because they did not know that anybody else had been abused and so everybody acted like I had made this up and was lying.

The ones that made me the saddest and hurt the most are Archbishop Myers and all those men at the top who continued to protect him instead of help and believe me. At that time all I wanted was to be believed. I then brought suit with the help of my family. Even though I’ve had a real hard time of it, I’m getting better because there were other people who did come forward who reported the same kind of abuse of them that happened to me. To the other victims and my family, I say thank you for believing me and supporting me.

I am making this statement because I want people to know my story so that the Diocese and those top people aren’t allowed to continue to lie and deny and blame victims like me. I hope me making this statement and my family going public with this helps others. I hope more than anything else that Archbishop Myers and Bishop Jenky don’t continue to get away with this and other kids are not allowed to be hurt the way I was.


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