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September 10, 2013

Some court updates:

(1) Father Jacques Faucher

Father Jacques Faucher had a court date this morning, 10 September 2013, in Ottawa:

10 September 2013: 08:30 am, courtroom #5, “to be spoken to,” Ottawa Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

I will find out tomorrow when the next courtdate is.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers.

If anyone attended court this morning and has news of what transpired please post a comment or send me an email.

(2) Father Damian Cooper

The diocese has to disclose most of the files etc which were requested by the plaintiff. I understand that about 95% of the materials requested must be disclosed.

That’s good news.

Meanwhile the Archdiocese and Father Dmain Cooper are now pushing for disclosure of material which the plaintiff considers privileged. They will all be back in court for that battle next Wednesday.

(3) Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre

Well, nearly three years after charges were laid against Fatehr Claude Lefebvre, it’s all over.

Father Lefebvre has been declared unfit to stand trial, and all charges have been withdrawn!

I have no idea why he is ‘unfit.’ If anyone knows any more than this please pass on the word.

I would think that this is without doubt a very unsatisfactory conclusion for the complainants? Keep them in your prayers.

It’s actually a very unsatisfactory conclusion for everyone, is it not?

(4) Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR

In case you didn’t catch it, there is a very significant 20-day trial under way in Quebec City. The trial, which started yesterday (Monday, 09 Sept) , is a result of the class action lawsuit which was launched against the Redemptorists and Father Lavoie in relation to sex abuse at the Seminaire Sainte-Alphonse, in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, outside Quebec City.

Father Lavoie is currently in jail. He entered a guilty plea in 2011 to charges related to the sex abuse of 11 boys ages 11 to 15 – the charges date to 70s and 80s.

The case of another Redemptorist, Father Jean-Claude Bergeron CSsR, is apparently currently before the courts.

I discovered in posting an article this morning that, in addition to Father Lavoie, there are eight more Redemptorist priests identified in this class action as molesters: Fathers Jean-Claude Bergeron, Guy Pilote, Francois Plourde, Xiste Langevin, Herve Blanchette, Alexis Trepanier, Leon Roy and Lucien de Blois. Many of the nine are now allegedly dead.

Unfortunately the trial will be conducted in French so English coverage will probably be sparse. I believe for a number of reasons that we should be trying to follow this as best we can can, not the least because 17 victims will be testifying that there was a system in which priest would trade the like hockey cards (“Seventeen victims will testify there was a system, in which the priests would often trade them like hockey cards.”)

Does that not sound to you like there was paedophile ring functioning? It does to me! And, because it sounds mighty like a paedophile ring in action I do beleive that the order (Redemptorists) and whoever else is a defendant in this class action, will fight tooth and nail to try to prove there was NO paedophile ring and that each of this gaggle was operating independent of his molesting peers. That’s just what seems to happen when there is a boo about a paedophile ring anywhere. For whatever reason a paedophile ring is anathema.


I am about to post a French article with google translation regarding a record collection and a Levi Noel. I will post the English google translation here, along with a link to the original French article, in the hope that someone might be able to confirm that this is in fact Father Levi Noel. I think it is him, but would appreciate confirmation from anyone who knows with absolute certainty.

Just as a reminder, the RCMP investigation into sex abuse allegations against Father Levi Noel began in May 2008. In June 2009 he was charged. He molested numerous young boys and has twice entered guilty pleas to criminal charges

$ 100 000 French songs

News , Wednesday, February 25, 2009 , p. 10

$ 100 000 French songs

Cynthia St- Hilaire

Granby – The Cegep de Granby has hand free on the work of a lifetime. The Quebecers Levi Christmas has hoarded lifetime records and books about the French song. Today , he gave his college valued at more than $ 100,000 collection.

Next Tuesday , the librarian of the Cegep de Granby, Daniel Marquis, return to Quebec with 300 boxes. What do they contain ? Books , 1200, and whose LPs Marquis know the amount . The owner of the collection has never inventoried .

“These are unique pieces that do not exist on CD , notes Daniel Marquis . Ago thirty books to be kept under lock and key and will be available on site. These books are worth between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000. “

Mr. Marquis , who met Mr. Noel three times , said that most of the books are autographed by French singers. The donor has spent much of his life in Paris , where he rubbed shoulders with several stars of French song.

” Mr. Noel has sold his house . There are boxes of books and records around his apartment, says the librarian . He lives alone , this is an original Acadian. ” Voice of the East has failed to join the donor , a resident of Quebec yesterday, despite several attempts .

The man of 81 years asked for the name of Jacques Douai be given to his collection. Mr. Christmas has known Mr. Douai, dubbed the modern troubadour . The poet – singer occurred in cabaret in the 1950s and 1960s. Jacques Douai died on 7 August 2004.

A space at the bottom of the college library will be dedicated to Jacques Douai collection. “There will be a plaque ,” said Daniel Marquis .

Why Levi Noel he decided to sell his property at Cegep de Granby? “Many colleges were interested, including the Sainte -Foy. Mr. Claus lives close by. It would have been easier for him to see his collection, says Mr. Marquis . Granby But is the only college that has expertise in song because of the international song festival Granby and the National School of the song. “

Since its inception, the National School of the song gathers records and books related to the French song . ” But we had a few things for the years 1930 to 1970 , specifies Daniel Marquis . Donations Mr. Noel fill our collection. “

And by chance , the college has purchased recently , rotating tables to play vinyl . ” The teachers at the school , it is sure that they will use the material , says the librarian . They are true fans . “

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