Pope Francis and Council of Cardinals Fail First Test

By Jerry Slevin
Christian Catholicism
October 2, 2013

Pope Francis and his Council of Cardinals this week could well paraphrase the  ”Veni, Vidi, Vici” of an earlier Roman pontiff, Julius Caesar. Instead, “Venemus, Vidimus, Curia Vicit”, in English, “We came, we saw and the Curia conquered”.

After years of financial and sexual scandals among the Catholic hierarchy and six months’ of propaganda previews, Pope Francis and the “usual suspects” basically preserved the Curia in secret, after some opportunistic tinkering . The “conquered” remain the same, the People of God, especially women and children. Of course, none of these People of God had any real say with respect to the Council of Cardinals.

The titanic Vatican continues to sink, despite the rearranged deck chairs and this new Argentinian paintjob , which didn’t fix the leaks. The papal strategy of ex-Pope Benedict remains intact, along with the time honored papal tactic of saying one thing and doing another.

The strategy is simple. Protect the hierarchy, even criminal ones like Bishop Finn,  and their personal assets at all costs, maximize the papal mystique and push docile Catholics to breed more Catholics. These new Catholic rabbits can then fund and staff the future Church and vote for preferred politicians in exchange for continued protection and subsidies for the hierarchy.

The “breeding push” has reportedly been deferred down the road to some vague future Synod of the Family. The Synod almost inevitably will condemn contraception and gay marriage in time to try to help elect a right-wing US Senate next year.  What’s not to like if you are in the hierarchy or a right-wing billionaire? Forget the poor! Some crumbs may trickle down to them and their unplanned families.

The problem with this strategy is it will never work– the ex-Pope proved that. For example, the Australian Royal Commission is now in hot pursuit of the hierarchy. Other nations are gearing up to follow.

Even the Pope’s poor record on handling priest child predators is steadily catching up to him, as reported at :

For what the pope must now do pronto to save the sinking Catholic Church ship, please click on this link:


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