Law Enforcement Opens Probe into Sd Predator Priest

November 12, 2013

[Minnesota Public Radio]

We are grateful that South Dakota law enforcement officials are doing what Minnesota and South Dakota Catholic officials refuse to do Ė taking seriously the admitted child sex crimes of Fr. Clarence Vavra.

Today, Minnesota Public Radio reports that an investigation has been opened ďinto alleged sexual abuse of children by a Minnesota priestĒ who admitted molesting kids on a reservation in South Dakota.

This is precisely what should happen.

South Dakotaís two Catholic bishops should show real leadership and aggressively help police and prosecutors by visiting every place where Fr. Vavra worked, begging victims, witnesses and whistleblowers to step forward. Catholic officials recruit, educate, ordain, train transfer and shield child molesting clerics. When those clerics admit sexually assaulting kids Ė as Fr. Vavra has Ė the least Catholic officials can do is to act like the shepherds they purport to be and seek out others who have been hurt.

This is not rocket science. Itís common sense and common decency. Itís what any and every adult should do: help law enforcement catch dangerous child predators. Itís especially what adults who claim to be spiritual guides should do. Itís tragic that victims must keep begging and prodding and encouraging Catholic bishops to take this simple step. And itís more tragic that nearly every Catholic bishop rebuffs our pleas.

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