Lawsuit Seeks Accused Priest List from New Ulm Diocese

By Tyler Utzka
December 12, 2013

A press conference was held this morning in Mankato announcing the filing of a sexual abuse lawsuit. It was on behalf of a now, adult man who says he was abused when he was 8 years old.

The lawsuit alleges the Diocese of New Ulm and Servants of the Paraclete were negligent and requests the names of 12 accused child molestors.

Attorneys of the adult man who says he was sexually abused by Father Francis Markey back in 1982. They want the Diocese of New Ulm and Servants of the Paraclete to release the names of 12 accused and admitted child molestors in their clergy.

Attorney Michael Finnegan says, "Tragically, this young man never should have been abused repeatedly. That abuse was told to his supervisors and they continued to move him around until one day he ended up in Granite Falls at St. Andrews where he was abused as a young kid."

The attorneys say the lawsuit is two–fold. Accusing the Diocese of negligence and nuisance.

Attorney, Michael Bryant says, "The reality of it is the danger to the public that possessed by not knowing about the priests being here and what happened in their communities."

Finnegan says, "From 2003 to today, for the last decade, we know that the diocese of new Ulm admitted that at that point they had 12 priest that have been accused of sexually molesting kids "

The attorneys on behalf of the victim say it was the choice of the prior and current bishop of the New Ulm Diocese to not speak of the names.

Finnegan says, "This community has been at risk because of that, kids have been at risk because of that choice to keep those names secret. This lawsuit today seeks to have those names made public."

The Diocese of New Ulm released a statement regarding the lawsuit, stating in part:

"The Diocese of New Ulm deeply regrets the long–lasting and devastating effects of sexual misconduct on the part of the clergy. Such misconduct requires positive action on our part, and we have been strengthening our systems and procedures in order to address this grave issue."








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