Jeff Anderson Statement of Erroneous Depiction of Priest on �archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis' List of 34␝

The Jeff Anderson and Associates
December 21, 2013

(St. Paul, MN) - Jeff Anderson and Associates sincerely apologizes for the incorrect depiction of Father Patrick J. Ryan at its Press Conference on December 5, 2013. At the conference and included in the media kit, our firm depicted Father Patrick J. Ryan on “The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis’ List of 34.” The image of Father Patrick J. Ryan was mistakenly confirmed as the Father Patrick Joseph Ryan contained on the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis’ List. There are no known allegations of sexual abuse against the Father Patrick J. Ryan pictured on December 5, 2013. 


When told of the potential mistake, we immediately alerted all media personnel present at the press conference.


We are not aware of any media running that picture individually.  There were two stations that we are aware of that posted a picture of the survivors at the press conference with the background of the Archdiocese List of 34 which included several pictures, including the mistaken picture of Fr. Ryan.  We immediately called the two stations that posted those pictures the same night to let them know so that the photo would be removed.  


Jeff Anderson personally telephoned Father Patrick J. Ryan that evening to apologize profusely for the inaccuracy and issued an apology letter the following day. 


Jeff Anderson and Associates expresses our heartfelt regret for the inadvertent depiction of Father Patrick J. Ryan as a priest on the Archdiocese’s list of 34. 


The apology letter to Father Ryan can be found on our website at


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