Press Release from +donald J. Kettler Bishop of Saint Cloud

Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Cloud via WJON
January 3, 2014

[with list of names]

For immediate release……………

When I became Bishop of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, in November 2013, I immediately

began connecting with people, familiarizing myself with policies, and reviewing

important documents that I am responsible for as Bishop. Part of that process has

involved reviewing files regarding claims of sexual abuse of minors by clergy who

served in parishes within the Diocese of Saint Cloud. I am struck by the courage and

strength of the victims of abuse who have come forward. And I am impressed with the

pastoral responses of my predecessors. So in mid-December, I decided to release the

names of those clergy. Therefore, I asked my senior staff to make certain I had a

complete list of all the clergy who had likely abused minors. It is my intent to continue to

provide a pastoral response to such abuse. In that spirit, I am now disclosing a list of all

clergy identified, to date, who were likely involved in the sexual abuse of minors. I am

also disclosing the parishes where each of those clergy served within the Diocese of

Saint Cloud. The list includes Diocesan priests as well as clergy who are members of

religious communities who served in parishes in the Diocese. Additionally on this list are

the names of several men of a religious community from outside the Diocese who

served in schools within our Diocese.

It is my hope that the release of these names will provide validation to those victims who

have been sexually abused and have already come forward. I pray it will also give

strength to those who have remained silent and allow them to come forward.

The following statement is a part the Sexual Misconduct policy for the

Diocese of Saint Cloud:

If someone has sexually abused you or exploited you, and you feel that the time

is right to come forward, there are professionals you can talk to about your

experience. They can assist you in getting the help you need. You do not have to

face or name your abuser. You don’t have to give any information you are not

comfortable disclosing. It does not matter how long ago the abuse was.

Assistance is available to you

Contact information:

Assistance Coordinator:

Roxann Storms, MSW, LICSW, FT

(320) 529-4615 (Confidential Line)


Jane Blee: St. Cloud @ 320-251-3430

Tom Klecker: St. Joseph @ 320-253-2866

Jim Otremba: Sauk Rapids @ 320-253-3450

Dolores Saurer: Fergus Fall @ 218-736-3592

Rev. Stanley Wieser: Wheaton (Spanish) 320-815-9696

Jennifer Wirz: Central MN 320-339-0622








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