IL - Chicago's Top Catholic Official Plays the " Blame Game" ; SNAP Responds

By Barbara Blaine
The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
January 7, 2014

It's distasteful to see Chicago's top Catholic official plays the "blame game" about a serial pedophile priest, Fr. Daniel McCormack, who severely hurt perhaps dozens of innocent childrenbut would have been stopped much sooner if only Cardinal Francis George and his staff hadn't covered up.

[NBC Chicago]

First, George blames his deceased predecessor.

Then he blames nameless "people" who might have "been more wary.”

Then, he blames his own priests (for electing McCormack to a position).

Then, he blames nameless “offices" involved the investigation of this serial pedophile priests that allegedly "did not consistently share what they knew with each other or with me.”  

Then, instead of stepping up and taking responsibility, he conveniently uses the vague third person to say “The response, in retrospect, was not always adequate.”

A careful, dispassionate look at the irresponsible behavior of George and his top aides showed that no one lacked information. They lacked courage and decency.

A half a dozen Catholic officials who acted recklessly, carelessly and deceitfully were promoted after Fr. McCormack’s crimes became known. The one church employee, who acted properly, a female principal, was fired.

George seems to want to put this "chapter" of the archdiocese's on-going clergy sex abuse and cover up crisis behind him. But blame-shifting won’t achieve this goal. Only real honesty will. We long for the day he will admit his own deliberately self-serving misconduct in this case and will clearly and harshly discipline even one of the corrupt clerics who protected a predator and his supervisors instead of protecting the flock and its families.



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