Crosiers disclose updated list of religious involved in sexual abuse

By Lisa Cassidy
Crosier Fathers & Brothers
March 8, 2014

(Phoenix, Ariz.) – As the season of Lent begins, the Crosier Province, headquartered in Phoenix, today released an updated list of names of Crosiers with one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of minors. The comprehensive list includes Crosiers previously disclosed in 2002 following a third-party investigation, as well as current, former and deceased Crosiers who have credible allegations against them. The release of this updated list reflects the commitment of the Crosier Order to be transparent and accountable.
“It is our hope that this will bring healing, peace and comfort to the victims and their families,” stated Crosier Prior Provincial Thomas Enneking, osc. “Even though the last occurrence of abuse took place more than 20 years ago, the stigma remains for all of us. We pray for forgiveness and the opportunity to strengthen our ministry and service to everyone in need.” 
We are saddened and ashamed to acknowledge this part of our history. We apologize to all victims, families and communities who have been hurt by the actions of Crosiers who were supposed to be instruments of Christ’s love and healing mercy.
The Crosiers do not tolerate sexual abuse of any kind, and we report all claims to the appropriate authorities. We have stringent policies and practices in place to do what we can to prevent sexual abuse. We are very concerned for the well-being of those who have been hurt because of sexual abuse by a Crosier.
In 2002, the Crosier Province hired an independent firm to conduct an audit of allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Crosiers. The following Crosiers were named publicly. Since then, three have died and one has left the Crosier Order.
•Neil Emon, osc
•Gabriel Guerrero, osc
•Gregory Madigan, osc
•Bruce Maxwell, osc
•James Moeglein, osc
•Thomas O’Brien
•Richard Ohlemacher, osc
•Justin Weger, osc
In addition to those named in 2002, the following are current, former and deceased Crosiers who have one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of a minor against them.
•Timothy Conlon, osc
•Cornelius DeVenster, osc
•Gerald Funcheon
•Eugene Hambrock, osc
•Joseph Lendacky, osc
•Ron Melancon
•Wendell Mohs
•Michael Paquet
•Anton Schik, osc
•Urban Schmitt, osc
•Roger Vaughn
There are two names not being disclosed at this time as the claims are under investigation. If the allegations are substantiated, those names will be added to this list on our website. 
This information reflects what we know today. We have worked with our Review Committee to ensure that we are being as clear, accurate and transparent as we can. We share this information to help with the healing of those who have been hurt by the actions of members of the Crosier Order.
The Order’s ongoing commitment is to also provide and maintain a safe environment for everyone it serves. It has stringent reporting policies and prevention practices in place that are reviewed and updated annually. Additionally, all members of the Order participate in safe environment training each year. 
“We need to collectively do our parts to help prevent sexual abuse by church members,” said Fr. Tom. “The Catholic Church continues to confront the reality of sexual abuse of minors by clergy and religious. Many people have been hurt by the behavior of members of the Church community who were seen as trustworthy representatives of the love and mercy of Christ but who betrayed that trust in abusing them. We need to work at repairing the relationships that were shattered.” 
If anyone has a report of past abuse, they are asked to please contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator Greta Sawyer at 651-291-4497 or Prior Provincial Thomas Enneking, osc, at 602-443-7100. Other contact information may be found here.
You may find further information about the Crosier Misconduct Policy and the ways in which the Crosiers are dealing with abuse by its members, including the results of the separate investigation conducted by the law firm of Faegre-Baker-Daniels in 2002, in the Safe Environment section of this website.
It is possible, of course, that other claims of abuse may be brought forward. We will follow our policy in any and all such cases.
The Crosiers are observing this season of Lent by intensifying their prayer for those who have been hurt by the experience of sexual abuse. They have committed themselves to include prayer of lament into the liturgical prayer of the communities in Phoenix and Onamia. This is a long-standing tradition in the practice of our faith given particular expression in the psalms of the Hebrew Scriptures. The movement in lament entails calling out to God; naming the reason for the lament; expressing, sorrow, sadness, and even anger about the situation; and ending with a deepened trust in God's mercy to heal. Prayer of lament will be incorporated into the penitential act during certain celebrations of the conventual Eucharist and Evening Prayer for the healing of those who have been hurt.


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