MN- No Twin Cities church official asked about kids

By Barbara Dorris
Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
June 11, 2014

If a CEO is told: "our company has two dozen sites where we're unsafely storing dangerous chemicals," can you imagine him or her not even asking "Where?"

That's what several Twin Cities Catholic officials did when an admitted pedophile priest told them of his victims. They didn't even ask who those victims were.

Never mind what highly educated catholic officials knew or didn't know, recalled or didn't recall, understood or didn't understand about predator priests' crimes or psyches or Minnesota's criminal or civil laws. These Catholic officials - Nienstedt, Flynn, Carlson, McDonough, Laird and others - knew they should seek out and help boys and girls who were known to be sexually assaulted by priests. They did not do this. And they didn't even express curiosity about who these kids were, much less help them. 

Fr. Thomas Adamson's deposition indicts the Twin Cities Catholic hierarchy never asked who the child victims were. Shame on each of them.



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