Winona Diocese Releases More Details about Priest Abuse

June 23, 2014

The Diocese of Winona voluntarily released more details Monday about 13 priests who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children.

The Diocese said it's releasing the information in an effort to be transparent and promote healing.

While the names of the accused priests were revealed in December as part of a court order, details about the accusations against them weren't released until Monday.

The Diocese held a news conference at the Cathedral of Sacred Heart in downtown Winona. The church said nine of the 13 priests on the list have died and two have been laicized, or removed, from the priesthood. Two more priests have laicization pending; a decision from Pope Francis is expected within the next two months.

The diocese said none of the priests credibly accused of sexual abuse are still in active ministry.

Nearly all of the sexual abuse committed happened in the 1970s and early 1980s, according to the diocese. The diocese said nearly all of the priests who had sexually abused children were sent for treatment and diagnosis when the diocese learned about the accusations.

Now, Quinn is focused on recovery, and restoring trust between the church and its followers. He knows it will take time, but said those who interact with the church can already see the changes. The outside community provides a bigger challenge though.

"For those who are not as connected with us, perhaps for various reasons, we have to really show our seriousness and consistency and transparency," Quinn said. "We want to win them back too."

The diocese also released information on a 14th priest, Leo Charles Koppala, who was released from the Diocese in 2013. He was convicted of criminal sexual assault involving a minor in March and was deported to India in May.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests issued a response statement Monday afternoon, asking for more information about the location of the priests.

In the statement, SNAP requested Bishop Quinn to disclose the whereabouts of Fr. Joseph C. Cashman, Fr. Jack L. Krough, and Fr. Leland J. Smith. It also requested Quinn to say if the priests are getting any kind of supervision and to write Vatican officials and urge the suspension of another priest who worked in Minnesota, Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity.

KTTC-TV contributed to this report.

The list of priests includes:

[Thomas P. Adamson Permanently removed from ministry in 1984; laicized 2009]

[Sylvester F. Brown Deceased 2010]

[Joseph C. Cashman Permanently removed from ministry in 1992; laicization pending in Rome]

[Louis G. Cook Deceased 2004]

[William D. Curtis Deceased 2001]

[John R. Feiten Deceased 2001]

[Richard E. Hatch Deceased 2005]

[Ferdinand L. Kaiser Deceased 1973]

[Jack L. Krough Permanently removed from ministry in 2002; laicization pending in Rome]

[Michael J. Kuisle Deceased 1971]

[James W. Lennon Deceased 2000]

[Leland J. Smith Permanently removed from ministry in 1994; laicized April 2014]

[Robert H. Taylor Deceased 2012]

Priests accused of abuse after 2004

[Leo Charles Koppala Permanently removed from ministry 2014.]








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