Playing A Different Song And Dance

Neocatechemunal Way - An Insider's View
July 24, 2014

Tim Rohr is playing a different song and dance now that Father John is being followed by SNAP.  Under my July 17th post "Follow What The Vatican Delegate Says,"  I copied and pasted the following from Junglewatch on July 19, 2014 at 10:18 a.m. into my blog, which can be found here:

"And YOU Wadeson! And to think that just recently on this blog I stood up for you. To think that I have been filtering out comments on this blog for nearly a year about the mysterious circumstances surrounding your sudden incardination and about your name being on a certain list. And you are going to call us, and ME in particular, SATAN?"

As you can see, Tim Rohr knew about Father John's circumstances for nearly a year.  Now below is the weblink showing the database of Father John, which is now completed by SNAP.  Junglewatch is on that database:

If you click on the name "Junglewatch" in that database, it will bring you to who copied and pasted Tim's Junglewatch blog regarding his knowledgeable circumstances of Father John., which he kept secret for nearly a year.  However, look at the difference.  This is the change that Tim Rohr made on his blog: 

"I kept quiet about it because I didn't know all the details but I was shocked to hear the Archbishop bragging about SNAP supporting his decision against Fr. Paul when I had been used as cannon fodder to protect him only a couple of years earlier. Well, Archbishop, now it's your turn to protect yourself. Don't call me."

As you can see, he took out the part where he said he knew about Father John's circumstances for nearly a year.  He is now making the claim that he kept quiet about it because he did not know all the details.  And this is the Tim Rohr who always brags about knowing the truth and being the one to get it out to the public first.  Tim Rohr is now covering himself because SNAP will be the one to ask him why he kept it a secret for nearly a year.  So, he took out that part in his blog and changed it.  

For those of you who want to go into the jungle and verify it, you can do so.  What copied and pasted from Tim's blog is good enough for me.


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