Darkness in the East

By Kevin O'brien
Waiting for Godot to Leave
July 29, 2014

If this is true, it's an indication that something far more sinister has been brewing down there than just the elevation of an alleged child molesting homosexual cult leader to the position of Vicar General.  This, after Bishop Martino of Scranton, PA made it clear that this man (Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity), who had been operating in his diocese, was not fit for ministry.  The Diocese of Scranton states (my emphasis) ...

Bishop Martino clearly expressed his reservations concerning Father Urrutigoity, who was identified as posing a serious threat to young people. Bishop Martino also carefully and consistently expressed his grave doubts about this cleric’s suitability for priestly ministry and cautioned the Bishop of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay to not allow Father Urrutigoity to incardinate into his diocese. Despite these serious cautions, Bishop Rogelio Livieres informed the Diocese of Scranton that he was allowing Father Urrutigoity to incardinate into his Paraguay diocese.

... and not only to incardinate (to be given the permission and the faculties to function as a priest there), but also to function as Vicar General in the diocese, becoming Bishop Livieres right-hand man.

Urrutigoity was kicked out of an SSPX (schismatic) seminary because of his sexual perversions, but then ran the Society of St. John in Scranton, where he slept with boys as a form of "spiritual direction".  Back in 2002 Scranton's Independent Review Board suggested that Urrutigoity

should be removed from active ministry; his faculties should be revoked; and he should be asked to live privately.

For some reason Bishop Lvieres (a member of Opus Dei) ignored this.

Some in the blogosphere are painting Bishop Livieres as an innocent victim, since he's a Latin Mass promoter.  A favorite trope of some of the more radical traditionalists on the internet is that Pope Francis will stop at nothing to destroy the Latin Mass and orthodox priests.  One blogger is somehow able both to be furious about Urrutigoity having been given authority in Paraguay, but livid that the Vatican should question the very bishop who promoted and enabled him.

It should be noted, however, that preaching orthodox Catholic theology, expressing loyalty to the Latin Mass, and even having a bona fide Catholic Celebrity Rock Star Status is no indication of trustworthiness.  Urrutigoity is Latin Mass all the way, and (allegedly) a child molesting homosexual cult leader to boot.

At any rate, it sounds as if there's a lot more brewing behind the scenes here than the news reports indicate.  To suspend all ordinations is an extraordinary thing, and indicates Rome's concern that the corruption in the "City of the East" goes far deeper than Urrutigoity himself.


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