Rebuttal to Bill Donohue of Catholic League’s Misleading Article, “kansas City Star Gets Intrusive”; He Attacks Mothers and Journalists and Invokes Myth of “anti-catholic”

By Paris Arrow
May 3, 2015

[atholic Goliath-bully Bill Donohue is spewing venom of anger and deceits again as is his regular habit because he is the most vicious member of the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team in the USA in his Vatican highly funded $50 million “Catholic League”. In his article, “KANSAS CITY STAR GETS INTRUSIVE”, Goliath-bully Donohue tells lies to deceive idiots Catholics, especially morons Americans Catholics. First, typical Opus Dei member misogynist Catholic Bill Donohue attacks the mother of the journalist, Yael T. Abouhalkah and telling her to “should have told her son to mind his own business”. Opus Dei members cannot allow any criticism to the popes and bishops – at all – because these are their absolute monarchs and princes who are and must be above-the-law. So Bill just wants the journalist’s mother to pray, pray, obey all Catholics popes and bishops and never criticise them because they are holy representatives and voices of God… and they can clone the flesh-of-Christ the Creator of the Universe! Bill Donohue likes women who are like those stupid American Catholic nuns, read our article http:]

[nohue goes on to defend the “holy record” of (secular criminal) Bishop Finn. He says that Finn “is a holy man who has done a magnificent job in securing bright and able men to the priesthood. Indeed, the number of men he has galvanized to become priests makes Finn the envy of bishops in much larger dioceses throughout the nation.” May we remind Goliath-bully Donohue that Chile’s most charismatic paedophile priest also inspired and influenced more than 40 men to the priesthood, and one of them was recently appointed as bishop by Pope Francis. But those Chileans are not-so-idiotic like Bill Donohue and Stupid American Catholics and they are demanding the revocation of his appointment, read our related article --- Chile revolt against Pope Francis for his new Bishop Juan Barros who covered-up Chile’s most notorious pedophile priest, Fernando Karadima - http:]

Goliath-bully Bill Donohue’s days are numbered because even San Francisco Catholics are demanding the ousting of their Opus Dei Archbishop – San Francisco idiots Catholics demand Pope Francis to oust Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. STOP calling Pope Francis “Holy Father” that reinforce Vatican Mammon Evil Beast









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