Steve Doocy Doesn't Get Why Catholic Students Don't Want Cardinal Dolan As Commencement Speaker

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May 14, 2015

NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan is BFFs with Roger Ailes and his "angel" Catholic wife who raises lots of money for Dolan's charities. In turn,, Fox provides a platform for conservative Catholic teachings. Fox is also a place where Cardinal Dolan is defended from criticism and, on today's Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy did his sacred duty.

After the "Fight for Faith" visual and tense music, devout Catholic Steve Doocy seemed apoplectic as he reported that "students at a Catholic university, here in NY state have launched a petition urging the administrators to disinvite or uninvite" Dolan because he, according to the petition "just doesn't represent their values." He shook his head when he quipped "really?" He grinned as he informed us that LeMoyne College officials aren't backing down. The banner framed the message as a patented Fox controversy: "Commencement Controversy."

After introducing his guests Le Moyne College President Linda LeMura and Father. David McCallum, her special assistant, Doocy asked "who is behind" the petition. Doocy twitched as LeMura explained that the petition was launched by students. Despite the fact that Dolan will still be the speaker, the banner read "Removed Without Reason, Petition Fails to Include Any Wrongdoing" - a statement that is a BIG FAT FOX LIE because the petition states that "Cardinal Dolan has been involved with sexual abuse scandals dealing with clergy of the church, homophobic comments."

Doocy said that the part that he "doesn't get" is that "you're a Catholic college and yet a number of Catholic students there [his voice cracked] and Catholic faculty there feel that doesn't represent their values." He scrunched up his face as he added "huh." As Doocy continued to babble Fr. McCallum said that he couldn't hear him. When LeMura said that she could hear him, Doocy continued to express his dismay that Catholic students and faculty feel that his Fox holiness doesn't represent their values even though "they are at a Catholic college, right."

LeMura acknowledged that there were concerns about Dolan's handling of clergy sexual abuse when he was bishop of Milwaukee but that students need to understand that Dolan is a very big Catholic deal and they should listen to him respectfully. She said that the college is committed to diversity. The banner: "Not Backing Down, School Stands Behind Invite to Cardinal Dolan."

Never one to waste an opportunity to push patented Fox anti-liberal agitprop, Doocy opined that "oftentimes the tolerant left, you know they say that the left is so tolerant is intolerant, especially in an instance like this where you've got a Catholic college who says the head of the Catholic Church in America does not represent them."

Memo to Doocy - There is no "head of the Catholic Church in America" per se. The highest ranking prelate would be the head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops which is no longer headed by Dolan.

McCallum didn't take the bait. He said that those who object to Dolan are a minority and that, as a Jesuit school, people are entitled to have different opinions. After Doocy mentioned that, because of controversy, Condi Rice decline to speak at the Rutgers graduation, he happily commented that Dolan will still be speaking at LeMoyne. He noted that he has heard Dolan speak and "you're in for a great show."

What Doocy didn't say: When Dolan was bishop of Milwaukee, his church paid $20,000 to priests accused of molesting children. He also moved church money into a cemetery fund in order to protect the money from lawsuits over sexual abuse. Dolan did not condemn a rash of anti-gay crime in NY. Dolan vigorously fought against legalization of same sex marriage in NY.

But according to Steve Doocy, those are Catholic values so why wouldn't Catholic students want him at their graduation?

Why indeed!








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