Le Moyne Grads Must Protest In-campus to Oust Cardinal Dolan & They Must Occupy Rector’s Office like LA Sapienza Undergrads Who Ousted Benedict XVI As Speaker

By Paris Arrow
PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.
May 15, 2015

With news compilation

Le Moyne grads must take immediate drastic in-campus protest and do more than (a mild seemingly invisible online) petition to demand that Cardinal Dolan be disinvited as speaker to their commencement exercises. Their other plan - to close their eyes when Cardinal Dolan will be speaking at their graduation - is not a protest but a kowtow to the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast and its representative in New York.

Surely Le Moyne grads can do more or better than the undergraduate students of Rome’s La Sapienza University who were successful in ousting Pope Benedict XVI-RATzinger – a much bigger personage than Cardinal Dolan – as speaker to their convocation. In fact the pope is the biggest and highest person in the Catholic Church, therefore, Cardinal Dolan should be a small fish or a small piece of cake to handle.

The La Sapienza University students – albeit a few students and professors – (in ratio to their enrollment as the biggest university in Europe) not only wrote a letter to the rector – but also occupied his office for several days –– until the Benedict XVI-RATzinger surrendered to the students’ protest –– and disinvited himself by cancelling his speech and visit to the university (to save face).

And Benedict-RATzinger never went nor attempted to visit La Sapienza (a former pontifical) university – ever again.

It was Benedict XVI-RATzinger versus undergraduates of La Sapienza.

It was Goliath RATzinger versus young undergrads.

Imagine Cardinal RATzinger now Pope Benedict XVI being rejected despite all his theological books and power as the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine for the Faith (CDF) in the Vatican.

La Sapienza young undergrads were not afraid of Pope and all his powers to condemn them to Hell. They were not impressed with his highfalutin titles and awards by Opus Dei (Beast) universities in Rome and in Spain.








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