Leading Melbourne Lawyer Says Cardinal George Pell Risks Reputation by Avoiding Royal Commission into Child Abuse

May 21, 2015

Pressure is mounting on George Pell to front the royal commission into child abuse.

Leading Melbourne lawyer David Galbally says Cardinal George Pell risks being accused of "trying to hide" if he doesn't respond to allegations at the royal commission into child abuse.

Pressure is mounting on Cardinal Pell to front the commission and answer claims he tried to bribe the nephew of a paedophile priest to stay quiet about the abuse.

Mr Galbally told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive the royal commission did not have the power to compel Cardinal Pell into giving evidence.

But the leading QC said it was in his best interests.

"I would think that he would have to know that if he was seen to shirk the issue, that would not count in his favour," Mr Galbally said.

"The general public as a whole not just Catholics would look at that as (him) trying to hide from being questioned about all these allegations."

Mr Galbally also explained the legal implications of giving evidence.

"If you don't tell the truth, and you start to lie, you may well be found out and charged with perjury," he said.








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