Le Moyne Univ. Vs. LA Sapienza Univ. Le Moyne Graduates Prove Jesuits Masters of Deceits, Idiots Americans Catholics, New Yorkers’ Apathy to Jp2 Army Victims

By Paris Arrow
PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.
May 28, 2015

With news compilation

Le Moyne a Jesuit University vs. La Sapienza a secular University

The Le Moyne vs. La Sapienza saga has the same moral story as the NCAA/Penn State University vs. the Vatican State.

The main difference between the Le Moyne graduates who failed to oust Cardinal Dolan as their speaker for their graduation – versus the La Sapienza University students who successfully ousted Pope Benedict XVI-RATzinger as speaker for their convocation in 2008 –– is that Le Moyne is a Jesuit University while La Sapienza is a secular university (albeit originally a pontifical university). The morals of secular universities and secular institutions are more good and more radically evident and are in sharp contrast to –– Catholic institutions that have allegiance to the Vatican and therefore will cover-up by all means Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils and seek only to protect its Catholic reputation and the Vatican Billions assets especially in the USA. This is especially evident in the moral story of the Penn State University versus the Vatican State on how each rewarded their prominent members who covered-up the pedophiles in their respective institutions Read our related article, NCAA & Penn State are more moral than the Vatican. Sports is more moral than John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy


Only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified.

[ican glorified John Paul II and rewarded his evil Achilles Heel, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, the poster boy of all bishops and cardinals who covered up thousands of pedophile priests. Cardinal Law aided and abetted more than 80 pedophile priests in Boston and we Bostonians are proud to have successfully forced him to resign and leave our city, out of sight and out of our land. But John Paul II raised him to the glories of Rome by making him the High Priest of St. Mary Major, read more here http:]

Secular Penn State University removed the huge statue of Joe Paterno because he covered-up one pedophile coach. On the other hand, the Vatican erected lots of huge statues of John Paul II – and the first Jesuit Pope – canonized him despite his evil Achilles Heels of Cardinal Bernard Law and for covering-up his JP2 Army. The John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army is named aptly after the longest reigning – over a quarter of century – and most powerful globetrotting pope who said nothing and did nothing to save and protect children from thousands of pedophile priests and the only thing he did for children is to exploit them by kissing them for his political narcissistic photo-ops. Read our related article, Australia JP2 Army! Anne Lastman the false witness to “the limping Christ towards Calvary”… she camouflages John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army


As we have kept saying, only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified and canonised. Read our related article, NCAA & Penn State are more moral than the Vatican. Sports is more moral than John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy


Read also the upcoming canonization of Junipero Serra, a criminal in the eyes and lives of American Native Indians versus Pope Francis who is adamant in canonizing him during his visit in Washington DC this coming September. It’s amazing how Pope Francis can twist facts of history to suit the Vatican propaganda of deceptions and lies in order to preserve its Vatican Billions in the USA. Read our related articles, Junipero Serra is NO SAINT. Pope Francis abuses his papal power to canonize men of fetid deeds like John Paul II


Pope Francis vs. Native American Indians. To fight against the canonization of Junipero Serra is to topple down Pope Francis’ divine right, dictatorship & prove pope fallacy


Jesuit university graduates belong to America’s global hegemony (see artivle and book below)

Jesuit university graduates do not join secular protests like Occupy Wall Street or secular NGO’s like Doctors Without Borders because Jesuit university graduates are part of the status quo aka America’s global hegemony (see article below) aka American Imperialism elite aka Vatican Mammon Evil Beast aka Roman Catholic Church organised crime that exploit the poor, Third World countries, Africa, and Middle East oil countries. Jesuit university graduates go to join Wall Street, the capitalists’ establishments, big banks and multinational corporations that exploit the poor and perpetually colonize poor countries. Jesuit university graduates only link with “safe” protests (approved by the Vatican & Jesuits) and they do Catholic charities that look nice and acceptable in their CV and are tax deductible. Jesuit university graduates go to work for Congress and become American politicians and their poster boy is Governor Jerry Brown in California who proved the Jesuits’ apathy for children victims of the sex beast JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, read our related article, Ex-Jesuit Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes SB131, invokes Roman law, perpetuates cover-up of 20th Century JP2 Army who stabs the heart of Jesus’ mother


Jesus said: you cannot serve two masters. "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. (Mathew 6:24) but the Jesuits are the Masters of Deceits and they have made God Jesus Christ serve the Vatican Mammon. The Jesuits are more devious than the Devil. For half a millennium now, they have built the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast by using Jesus Christ as their bait to brainwash idiots Catholics especially Americans idiots Catholics via their universities, schools and organizations worldwide. The Jesuits have 28 universities across the USA and 144 universities worldwide and they all serve one master – the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast – while using Jesus Christ especially in the host of the Eucharist as their bait – with their fourth vow of obedience to the pope.

Jesus said, “'whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to the presence of my Father.' (John 14:12) The Jesuits are the Society of Jesus and they believe in Jesus but they have NEVER performed any miracle of healing like he did for Jesus’s ministry was 90% miraculous healing. So the Jesuits became the fathers of lies for the Devil said the same thing – those who believe and worship him he will give them the kingdom of this earth and the Jesuits are Masters of deceits who have outdone Satan, the Father of Lies by brainwashing royals and politicians at Georgetown University and their 1344 Jesuit universities worldwide.

The Jesuit Le Moyne University holds all the 8 POWERS the VATICAN uses to CONTROL CATHOLICS and COUNTRIES: Ecological, Traditional, Charismatic, Coercive, Social, Legal, Remunerative, and Expert. These 8 powers controlled well the graduating students last Sunday who were all – talk is cheap – in their invisible online protest against Cardinal Dolan as their commencement speaker. Read about the 8 powers here


Jesuit university graduates would be part of the Pharisee status quo at the Temple of Solomon which Jesus in his political protest day –– radically denounced, see article “Cleansing the Temple: Jesus' Act of Social Protest” with highlights below.

Jesus condemned the Temple of Solomon and today he is condemning all Roman Catholic churches worldwide as hundreds of churches are finally being closed and sold to prime estate developers, stores and boutiques. Read our related article, Jesus Christ is liberated from hundreds of tabernacles (prison) in Catholic churches shut down, sold-off, converted into apartments, stores, warehouses









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