These 24 Pastors Were All Arrested for Sex Crimes against Children and the Disabled in One Month! (images)

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July 2, 2015

If you think that Catholic priests are the only men of the cloth who molest children, think again. There is a streak of denial in Protestant churches as wide as the River Jordan. They think it can’t happen in their churches. But it does and with alarming regularity.

The good folks at Awkward Moments Children’s Bible keep an eye on local stories about pastors who molest children and the disabled. In May of 2014, they found 24 stories about pastors who committed the unforgivable sin of molesting a vulnerable member of their flock. These men are trusted by their congregations — they are leaders — which makes their betrayal of trust that much worse.

Unlike the Catholic Church, the myriad Protestant organizations have no real governing body, which means that a pastor can avoid trouble simply by moving away from the place where the crime occurred. These offenders are harder to spot, harder to accuse, harder to hold accountable. They are seen as respected community leaders and authority figures. To a child, these men are infallible and unquestioned. Which makes it easier for them to molest their victims.

Before I present the list from Awkward Moments Children’s Bible author Gilgamesh Horus, I want to quote him:

Obligatory disclaimer #1: Yes, of course – they are all innocent until proven guilty. I’m sure it was all just a misunderstanding.

Obligatory disclaimer #2: “They are obviously not real Christians!” Says who? Were they not trusted “real Christian leaders” the day before they got arrested? Wake up!

List of Pedophile Pastors.

Here is the list, with thanks to AMCB:

Billy Howard Guy is charged with six counts of sexually molesting a mentally disable woman in Ashe County, North Carolina.

Tyrone Banks is charged with raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old in Pleasant Grove, Alabama. There are possibly more victims.

Joseph Hall of Gaston County, North Carolina has been charged with 14 counts of sexual crimes — including first degree rape — against a 12-year-old girl.

Trevon Boone of Chesapeake, Virginia is accused of raping a teenaged girl he was mentoring. He had the good sense to turn himself in.

Larry Michael Berkley is a pastor in Harrison, Arkansas. Over a dozen boys between 14 and 18 say he invited them into his home where he got them drunk and/or stoned and molested them.

Jerome Anthony Clay is charged with raping a child. Police believe there may be more victims in Perris, California.

Paul Endrel is charged with 2 counts of sexual battery and other sexual crimes in Cleveland, Ohio. As if that weren’t bad enough, his son Jordan was also charged. Some warped family values, there.

Damien Bonner of Tulsa, OK was arrested for rape of a minor. A second victim has also come forward.

Allen Lehman’s victims were all under 12. He is charged with seven counts of rape and sodomy. He was also a teacher in Valparaiso, KY.

Hector Caria of Sacramento, CA was arrested for the rape of a teenaged girl.

Jeremy Grinnell is a voyeur. This seminary professor is charged with propping a ladder against the home of his Grand Rapids, MI neighbors so he could watch them have sex. Creepy.

Chris Allen Phillips was a Virginia youth pastor with problem: he paid a woman $200 to have sex with him. When she threatened blackmail, he stole almost $90,00 from his church.

Donald Lafferty: Pastor hires couple to kill his wife, burn house with her inside (not sex with minors, but – certainly interesting)

Forest Gibson is an Idaho youth pastor who has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor.

Robert Lyzenga planted cameras in the girl’s restroom at his Indiana church. Another one who likes to watch.

Roy Hariger has been indicted in New York state on three charges of incest, three charges of “coercive criminal sexual conduct against a child” and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Travis Ray Smith is going to trial on multiple counts of rape and sexual assault in Morgan County, Missouri.

Dennis Myers is a Missouri youth minister who has been sentenced to 30 years for child porn, rape and sodomy.

William R. Best Jr. was arrested in Selma, AL for second-degree sodomy, rape and incest.

Robert Stoner is (another!) youth minister who repeatedly raped a 15-year-old girl in his Wilmington, Delaware youth group.

Joel David Bolay of Ponca City, OK was charged with sexual abuse, lewd acts with minors and child pornography.

Scott Sechrist of Morrisville, PA was charged with raping a girl when she was 9 and over the next two years. He committed suicide rather than stand trial.

Scott Barber admitted to raping a 13-year-old girl. The Perry, OK pastor tried to say that she was the aggressor.

Richard Mick was charged with raping two 8-year-old girls and fondling a boy at his Sandusky, OH church.

There is a theory that the sublimation of sexual impulses leads to deviance. When those desires can’t be released normally, either within a safe relationship or via masturbation, they will come back twisted and abnormal. The Christian belief that sex — all sex — is bad contributes to pedophilia and molestation. As long as sex is treated as a sin, the urges of pastors and priests will appear in twisted, ugly ways. In my opinion.








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